[Download] The Prayer of Jabez for Women: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life By Darlene Marie Wilkinson

The Prayer of Jabez for Women: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life

By: Darlene Marie Wilkinson
Narrated by: Darlene Marie Wilkinson
Length: 1 hour
Release date: May 1, 2015
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The phenomenal impact of The Prayer of Jabez is shown by reports of changed lives, expanded ministries, and spiritual breakthroughs among believers everywhere. Now women have their own unique version, shared by Bruce Wilkinson's lifetime partner in marriage, which is full of significance for women's roles and ministry opportunities in God's kingdom.

A must-hear for every woman, whether she has read The Prayer of Jabez or not. This audio addresses important questions such as: How can a busy mom expand her territory without neglecting the most important territory she already has - her family?

Darlene Marie Wilkinson's warm, personable approach reaches out to her listener, encouraging her to become like Jabez and experience the extraordinary life.

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