[Download] The Phoenix Chronicles Omnibus By Mark McDonough

The Phoenix Chronicles Omnibus

By: Mark McDonough
Length: 255 pages
Release date: Dec 19, 2013
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Here together for the first time are the three adventures of the crew of the Phoenix – Mud Grave, Kettlan’s Box and Blackbeard’s Rest. Relive the excitement as Tony, Dana, Tom, BJ and K first find their beloved ship. Share in their adventure as they battle for buried treasure and join them once more as they search for a lost shipwreck. The Phoenix Chronicles – tales of high adventure.
Mud Grave:
When Tony challenged K to cross the mud, he was only hoping to win a bet. There was no way they or Tom, BJ or Dana, could have known that there was something buried there. What's buried in the mud will plunge the five of them into the adventure of their lives.
Kettlan's Box:
For nearly a year since being discovered Kettlan's Box has stayed firmly sealed. When at last it gives up its secrets, the five friends are thrust into their next adventure. Can they compete in a race for buried treasure against a modern-day pirate?
Blackbeard's Rest:
Blackbeard. One of the most notorious pirates that ever roamed the seas. And also the name etched onto the bell hidden inside Kettlan's Box. When the funding for the Buck's Bay Library's new museum is cut, it may just hold the key to ensuring that the project goes ahead.

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