[Download] The Opiates Of The Masses By Steven Navets

The Opiates Of The Masses

By: Steven Navets
Length: 128 pages
Release date: Sep 11, 2013
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Both the victim and collaborator in a bizarre and dysfunctional childhood, the author succeeds in separating himself from his abusive parents through a drug induced mental breakdown.

The Opiates Of The Masses then tells the story of the protagonist's search for self in a world he comes to realize is itself dysfunctional and indifferent. Surprisingly, this knowledge makes him stronger, leading to a personal philosophy of life which enables him to make sense of the world. Presented in a confessional style, The Opiates Of The Masses also contains elements of the legal brief as the author makes the case against his parents and how their mistreatment of him influenced his own behavior.

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