[Download] The Olympus Device: Book One By Joe Nobody

The Olympus Device: Book One

By: Joe Nobody
Length: 373 pages
Release date: Sep 8, 2013
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He only wanted to build a plaything - a small, simple device born of innate curiosity and a fascination of things mechanical. Scavenging parts and repurposing components, a country gunsmith assembles what is supposed to be a conversation piece - a trinket to show his friends... a toy really... a small rail gun.

The invention is so much more. After nearly destroying his West Texas shop, Dusty realizes he has stumbled upon science that could alter the future of mankind. The size and shape of a common rifle, his device is capable of producing unimaginable power. The simple, gentleman rancher is faced with a dilemma of the ages - the survival of the human race. The resulting technology can produce limitless, clean energy, or if used as a weapon, inconceivable destruction.

Nothing so monumental stays secret for long. Powerful men and desperate governments learn of the discovery, and it quickly becomes evident that whoever wields the rail gun can dominate the entire planet.
Book One of a new series, The Olympus Device by author Joe Nobody takes the reader through a fast paced adventure that explores the dichotomy of corruptive power versus ultimate benefit.

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