[Download] The Miracle of Motivation: The Guide to Becoming Everything You Want to Be By George Shinn

The Miracle of Motivation: The Guide to Becoming Everything You Want to Be

By: George Shinn
Length: 230 pages
Release date: Jan 7, 1981
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Discover how you can become everything you want to be. In The Miracle of Motivation, multi-millionaire entrepreneur and business leader George Shinn explains that success begins with you: “With belief in yourself and faith in God, you’ll accomplish great things.” Raised by a single mother in poverty, George Shinn has lived a “rags to riches” story. Even though he had little material wealth as a child, Shinn relied on his Christian faith and self-motivation to rise above his circumstances. During his career, George Shinn has owned dozens of corporations in a variety of fields, including three professional sports teams. Today, George Shinn is a well-respected business leader, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. This revised and updated The Miracle of Motivation offers timeless yet practical tools and teaches the necessary action steps that will get you ahead in business and in life and make your dreams come true.
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