[Download] The Lost World: The Mars Series book 4 By Chris Hawley

The Lost World: The Mars Series book 4

By: Chris Hawley
Length: 428 pages
Release date: Nov 25, 2013
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After weeks of hair-raising experiences in the Amazon jungle, as narrated in The Quest of Captain Ernst, Bill and his five friends sail down the mighty river on the raft that Ernst and members of an African boat-building tribe had constructed, and which had brought them across the wild Atlantic Ocean in a vain search for a lost civilisation.

The year is 11,995 BC, the year before the ancestors of Bill’s Martian friends escape the death sentence imposed upon them by the cruel and decadent rulers of their homeland, and survive to found a colony on the Red Planet. Bill had been entrusted by Zeris, the Chief Elder of Similaria with the task of bringing back to 21st Century Mars details of the history and cultural heritage of their Earthly ancestors that had been lost.

The Lost World tells how he and his friends find the scientifically advanced society and become perilously involved in its politics, and how one of the party gets entangled in a potentially dangerous relationship. And it transpires that the valuable records they obtain cannot withstand rapid time travel. Read how the six intrepid time-travellers and seasoned space explorers strive to overcome a succession of life-threatening challenges, with some help from the Andromedans, who are never far away.

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