[Download] The Long View: Getting Beyond the Drama of South Africa's Headlines By J. P. Landman

The Long View: Getting Beyond the Drama of South Africa's Headlines

By: J. P. Landman
Length: 279 pages
Release date: Sep 1, 2013
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In this consideration, respected trend analyst JP Landman focuses on the South African economy, examining its history, its current state, and what he perceives as its future fate. By questioning and challenging the preconceived ideas and the media-portrayed examples of what members of the public might deem a modern and developed society, Landman goes beyond the present to give readers a solid, long-term, and informed view. As an economist, the author deals neither in optimism nor in pessimism, only realism. In this examination, he provides a vision of South Africa’s future that transcends the daily drama of the snapshots seen on television and in the media, providing a proper understanding and view of the realities that the country faces. It is only in letting this truth speak, Landman argues, that South Africa can move forward confidently and with purpose.

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