[Download] The Long Road By Treva Turpin

The Long Road

By: Treva Turpin
Length: 254 pages
Release date: Jan 31, 2014
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The earth has been shut down by the exploding CME's erupting from the sun. The world as we know it is gone. Dave, Jenny, and their neighbors have already survived the horrific chaos left by the solar flares. They made it through looters, gangs, and gun toting vigilantes running wild in the streets. They braved a devastating tornado, floods, and melting heat. They thought they had found a safe haven at the college but they were wrong and now the small band of people set out on a long journey hoping at the end of their travels they will find a safe refuge from the terror filled world that they can call home. But can they survive this perilous trip?

Travel along as they begin to see the real tragedies left by the devastating solar flares. Escape the insane woman wielding the shotgun. Meet Charles, Kelly, and their two children. See how this small group of people survive militants and the lack of fuel and life sustaining food and water. Avoid the deadly encampments the Government is trying to put them all in.

Join Dave, Jenny, and the rest of the group and see who perishes and who survives The Long Road.

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