[Download] The Lodger By Nadine Cooke

The Lodger

By: Nadine Cooke
Length: 240 pages
Release date: Sep 25, 2013
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Since staring into the hole in the old fig tree, school bully, Oscar has been housing a lodger...inside him. Hungry for revenge on the soulmaker who imprisoned it, the Lodger is taking control of Oscar to find her. Elanora Lacey is being hunted.
Losing his mind, losing his body, Oscar’s only hope lies with his number one victim, Ashden Jaybanks. But convincing him to help won’t be easy. And if it doesn’t work, he must face the nightmarish beasts in the second layer of the Timefold alone. One thing is certain, hosting a lodger won’t come without cost and everyone’s future will feel the effect.
A fast paced and intricately woven sequel to Soulmaker, The Lodger delivers you into the realms of the Timefold. Mythical creatures roam, hidden truths are revealed and Ashden and Elanora seem destined to part forever.

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