[Download] The Little Sistah By James Mannion

The Little Sistah

By: James Mannion
Length: 157 pages
Release date: Oct 27, 1999
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Scanlan Grimes is a fat, 50-year-old white man subsisting on Social Security Disability Insurance in the inner-city of Jersey City, New Jersey. Depressed and suicidal, he is pressed into service to help his salty old landlady (who, “back in the day,” was a dynamic woman straight out of a blaxploitation movie) and a lovely young “little sistah,” Beauty Hind (B. Hind for short). This wise-cracking recluse embarks on a quest to catch a killer and “get his groove back” in the process. Can a cause greater than himself not only save lives, but save his soul? A satirical thriller that takes on serious social issues (race relations, class warfare) with the teasing caress of a French Tickler rather than the heavy-handedness of a sledgehammer, The Little Sistah by James Mannion is sure to generate controversy, but its primary purpose is to spin a fast-paced and entertaining yarn with colorful characters, an exciting story, and a heaping helping of irreverent humor. There has never been a book like The Little Sistah. This is not an outrageous example of what the ancient Greeks called the sin of hubris. It simply means that author James Mannion has never written a work of fiction before. Though a veteran scribe with numerous nonfiction books to his credit, this is his first foray into the novel, or novella, if you want to get technical about the word count. The Little Sistah is a two-commute tale: Depending on how fast you read, you can start it on a Monday morning and finish on Tuesday morning. Warning: Only read this if you travel to work via mass transit. Never read an eBook while driving. The life you save may be your own.

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