[Download] The Last Bonjwa By Jeremy Reimer

The Last Bonjwa

By: Jeremy Reimer
Length: 199 pages
Release date: Dec 26, 2013
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Set a few years ahead in an alternate future, The Last Bonjwa follows the tail end of the career of John "Heart" Wolanski, a professional Starcraft 2 player living in Korea. It is a sequel to the short story "The Stalker".

Heart made a name for himself playing in Korea and then on the world stage, briefly becoming the best player in the world. However, he is now facing several problems: the decline of his skills, the fading popularity of the game itself, and the worst possible fate imaginable: the possibility that the artificial intelligence that has been his secret confidante for years will be exposed and all of Heart's records will be rescinded for cheating.

The Last Bonjwa uses the game of Starcraft as a backdrop, but no knowledge of the game is required to enjoy the story. It is a love letter to games and gamers, but it is also a story for anyone who has struggled with defining their career and their lives.

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