[Download] The Land of Flora By Marie Springberry

The Land of Flora

By: Marie Springberry
Length: 134 pages
Release date: Dec 27, 2013
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Ken and Meg were on their way from New York to Tokyo to start a new life with their father in Japan, but something went really wrong during their flight. When they came by, they found themselves in an exotic and mysterious kingdom full of flowers. Be ready for an adventure full of excitement, battles, magic, love... and tears. There is a legend in the Kingdom of Rosetta: Rosetta will be in peril. Danger will approach from the west, beware. The drought will come, beware. Wait and pray for saviors if Rosetta were to remain. They will come, the two people from Yamato. A brother and sister, from nowhere in the sky. One brings Health and the other brings Fortune. Oh, the spicy fragrance of peppermint! Oh, the soothing fragrance of cherry blossom! They are your only hopes, Rosettalians. The Fortune will find the true heart in the mythical land. The Fortune will gain power and so will the Fountain. The Health will..., and here the legend is torn. What if you suddenly have to make a decision between two contradictory perspectives? Do you follow your heart? Or do you follow the heart of your beloved one?

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