[Download] The Lake Mulga Mob By Barry Klemm

The Lake Mulga Mob

By: Barry Klemm
Length: 243 pages
Release date: Sep 17, 2013
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In a sleepy little wheat-belt town an old woman dies. Thus, once again, the Kragg mob descends from all points of the compass and the town of Lake Mulga braces itself. For there is always a lot of trouble when that mob hits town and this time will be no different.
The Lake Mulga Mob is a comedy, but it is also a portrait of Australian working class life—a group portrait. The Kids, as the Old Woman's five daughters and three sons are still called and their assorted in-laws, children and grandchildren, are all cast in the same mould. And every one of them has the same propensity for walking straight intyo life’s traps.
These people are serious, the situation is serious, but everything—their own characters, the weather, insects and animals, other people, the children, inanimate objects—constantly conspire to ensure that if anything can go wrong it will. And this is firmly in line with the Kragg view of life; that whatever happens, happens, and that's that!
The impression is that of a multiplex group, a mob of sheep, a like-minded and like-living mass of humanity, headed from nowhere to nowhere, stumbling through the chaos of continual misfortune as they pass along the way.

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