[Download] The Kadaitcha Curse By C J Brown

The Kadaitcha Curse

By: C J Brown
Length: 140 pages
Release date: Nov 1, 1986
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Following the death of a rival, aboriginal boy, Yuka, is faced with a choice - stay and die, but be laid to a peaceful rest under the tribe's Great Tree, or suffer life-long banishment from his ancestral home. In an attempt to force a choice, the Kadaitcha Man puts a curse on the boy: Should he leave, Yuka will die while still a young man and unless he is buried on the mountain beneath the Great Tree, as is the tribal custom, then he and future generations will be destined to live between this world and the next, never to rest with their ancestors. Yuka’s choice sees him return with his own son many years later in an attempt to break the curse.

Over a century later, Robbie Albion journeys to the now cloud-shrouded mountain with his sick father. As Robbie struggles with what he learns about himself, his father becomes increasingly delirious and irrational. Robbie, himself seriously injured, battles against and with various forces of nature to save his father. All the while Robbie is guided by animals that seem to know what he does not, that he has been chosen for this quest.

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