[Download] The Judas Consignment By Charlie Gregory

The Judas Consignment

By: Charlie Gregory
Length: 262 pages
Release date: Sep 28, 2013
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The Judas Consignment is a tale of love and complex relationships set against a background of racial violence..

Danny has been set up for blackmail. These people want to use the radio station, where he is the under-manager, to home two ships onto each other in some kind of smuggling operation. If he does not comply he will die. Worse, his fiancé, Terry Ann, and Shona, the girl he rescued from the mysterious sex predator, will also die.
Struggling to make sense of his predicament, he finds more questions than answers...
What are they dragging him into? Who killed the guard and hijacked that consignment of rare whisky? What is the TLN? What are its aims? Where does this girl, Freya, fit in? Who is this guy Zitsar? What is the nationality of the mysterious ship that Danny must contact?

Unwilling to take any more punishment, Danny goes on the attack. His actions lead him into a web of intrigue and collusion. Then, as he attempts to rain retribution on his tormentors and extricate himself and his friends from a tangle of racist violence, he finds that freedom comes at a terrible price.

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