[Download] The Intentional Christian By Robin Campbell

The Intentional Christian

By: Robin Campbell
Length: 134 pages
Release date: Dec 18, 2013
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“What kind of Christian am I?” I found myself asking that question. “Am I an intentional Christian or an accidental Christian? What is an intentional Christian? How do you live an intentional Christian life?” What defines an intentional Christian? We read in the New Testament of the apostles and of Paul, who were all very intentional Christians. Can we live as they did in our world today? While events and times have continued to shape us into the people we are, it is possible to live purposefully and intentionally for our Lord and Savior. The disciples of Jesus faced the daunting task of introducing Christ our risen Savior and Lord to their lost and dying world. They lived in such a way that would set them apart from just another religious fad or cult. We too face the same task of demonstrating the power of Christ and His resurrection and life within us to our technologically advanced lost and dying world, too. So, where does one begin? What initiates that first step into becoming that kind of a devoted Christian? There are many questions to be sure and each person’s journey will be as unique as they are as an individual. The Intentional Christian seeks to answer these questions and try to help us start in the right direction for living intentionally for Jesus.

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