[Download] The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor

By: Benjamin Graham
Narrated by: Bill McGowan
Length: 2 hours
Release date: Jun 21, 2005
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The classic bestseller by Benjamin Graham, perhaps the greatest investment advisor of the Twentieth Century, The Intelligent Investor has taught and inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Since its original publication in 1949, Benjamin Graham's book has remained the most respected guide to investing, due to his timeless philosophy of "value investing," which helps protect investors against areas of (possible) substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies which they will be comfortable with down the road.

Among this audio's special features are the use of numerous comparisons of pairs of common stocks to bring out their elements of strength and weakness and the construction of investment portfolios designed to meet specific requirements of quality and price attractiveness.

Read by Bill McGowan

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39 Responses to “[Download] The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham”

  1. Frank Martinez

    The best book for investing in the stock market.
    The best classic educational book for investing. A must have for anyone interested in investing in stocks

  2. Natalie L.

    Perfect Abridged Book & Intelligent Startup Point
    Everything is perfect about this book except that it’s abridged. However, the summarized form is very insightful give the right startup guidance for the new or the investors looking for the start point.

  3. Drew Casias

    Great content but delivery needs work
    The content was very informative and likely have a huge impact on my life as I begin to enter the world of investing but the narrator’s style of delivery was akin to that of a University lecturer… and not the good type of lecturer either.

  4. Leonardo Sipe

    Good read
    Great wisdom but since the book was written in 1971 I think, the terminology was a little different than the financial language we use today. So it was a little hard for me to follow at times…

  5. Doug Don

    Solid, but not much depth
    Good for someone who has no clue where to start, but not detailed enough for those whose already have their feet wet and may be looking for more detailed advice

  6. Delphine B.

    Get millions in milliseconds!!
    Excellent financial primer
    (Title just a stunt)
    Very poignant, wish they consider continuing the historical practice of updating with a revised addition every 5 yrs.
    Perspective changing!

  7. Byron Fisch

    Great Investment Advice
    What did you love best about The Intelligent Investor?

  8. Britt C.

    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

  9. Jan Boissy

    not for stock markets
    find something else. its about how to invest when you have multi-million $ capital and yet don’t expect to get much out of it if you invest in today’s markets!!

  10. Alisha Rook

    What the program had problems with, the app fixed
    I felt that the narrator spoke too quickly, but the app fixed that with the option to change the speed of which the book is read. Overall a very basic yet deep introduction to the world of investing, as well as the differences that distinguishe investing from speculating.

  11. Clair A.

    This is some bastardized version of the book
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  12. Jano

    Goes up to 1972, otherwise a great audio
    It assumes that listener already has some background and knows terms like stocks, bonds and their basic classification. What is bull or bear market, etc.

    Quick and educational.,

  13. Herminia P.

    Sad and a bit dated
    the most recent reference is from the 70’s. It does give a enjoyable history of Stock, Prefered Stk and Bonds but it is very negative on purpose to ward off novice investors with plans on making a fortune in the stock market.

  14. Roscoe S.

    Abridged to the point of not providing much value. Almost all of what was performed could have been read in a synopsis of the book.

  15. Eric Roath

    A little dated
    There’s definitely value in this book, but some of the comments seem somewhat ironic given the current state of the equities market and offer a cruel referendum on the cost of a conservative outlook.

  16. Kelle Crandell

    Now I understand why so many people love this book
    Would you consider the audio edition of The Intelligent Investor to be better than the print version?

  17. Waylon Todhunter

    Time tested
    How relevant are these theories today? Basic principles around active and passive investors still apply.

  18. Bruno Cota

    Would you try another book from Benjamin Graham and/or Bill McGowan?

  19. Chantay Boches

    good knowledgable
    want to read it again and again .it is very helpful fo making judicial investment

  20. Kareem Singharath

    Very Useful
    Very useful in understanding the basics of investing. Saves you from dangers of trying to do it on your own without professional help.

  21. Hershel Mondt

    Didn’t realize what I was buying
    What disappointed you about The Intelligent Investor?

  22. CARLOS

    Very good, and old classic
    Super good and very simple, Warren buffet’s favorite!
    Make sense if you follow this book yes you can be rich or have a very comfortable life, it is about the basic and having consistency!

  23. Han Sensel

    Excellent book
    Gonna buy a hard cover of this book to pass it on among friends and family

  24. Annett Pitstick

    Inexpensive investment advice
    What disappointed you about The Intelligent Investor?

  25. Ami Oelschlager

    Very repetitive and a bit “preachy.” Could have been summarized in about 3 minutes. I would not recommend investing 3 hours of your time.

  26. Elton Rinfret

    This book discuss the market in 1960’s and 1970’s. Much has changed since. Thus little relevat now

  27. Karma Blaszczyk

    This is a re-revised tome from many years ago that I found unhelpful and void of all but one or two small nuggets of wisdom.

  28. Florencio Eggenberg

    Spectacular in its simplicity
    This book sets out a wonderful method of investment which is as good as the day it was published

  29. Loree Facchine

    A lot of information, very valuable
    Any additional comments?

  30. Brady S.

    Great overview but not very specific
    I only read this because of warren Buffett. But this won’t get you to the next step. Going to try security analysis next. Hoping for more specifics.

  31. Wilton Cieri

    A must read for every investor
    This book must be on every investors bookshelf.
    Before searching for an investment advisor an investor should read this book.

  32. Edna Goderich

    Interesting thoughts on portfolio theory
    Building a solid foundation for a financial portfolio without understanding how to construct one can be extremely difficult to fit an individual’s situation. The ideas and theories in this book are sound enough for your average person.

  33. Kandis K.

    Good concepts for all time
    What did you like best about The Intelligent Investor? What did you like least?

  34. Mervin Stanowski

    Investment say what?
    I am an average guy, and this book seems to be for the average investor. It speaks about that topic of the “average investor” a lot, and yet it doesn’t speak on our level. It teaches you nothing of what to do, and only tells you what not to do. Basically tells me to invest my money somewhere different than the stock market.

  35. harpreet.bhatti

    Very basic
    Found it very monotonous and very less informative, not sure why this book is so popular .

  36. Julissa Zander

    Good basic book but not enough info
    If you would are a beginner like me than this book is easy to understand. If you are looking for more in depth information than I wouldnt recommend it.

  37. Camila Fuelling

    not bad
    the title and the subject was not what i thought it is. my mistake i didn’t read others review on this book. may be it is a good book for others, but not me.

  38. Ruthanne Tousignant

    An OK book, but didn’t really learn anything
    Would you try another book from Benjamin Graham and/or Bill McGowan?

  39. Johnnie Carfora

    Couldn’t get past a third of the book
    I tried so hard to keep on listening, but this sounds like the raging of a person who lost money in the stock market.

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