[Download] The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed. By Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed.

By: Benjamin Graham
Narrated by: Luke Daniels
Length: 17 hours
Release date: Jul 7, 2015
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (372 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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The Classic Text Annotated to Update Graham's Timeless Wisdom for Today's Market Conditions

The greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham taught and inspired people worldwide. Graham's philosophy of "value investing" -- which shields investors from substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies -- has made The Intelligent Investor the stock market bible ever since its original publication in 1949.

Over the years, market developments have proven the wisdom of Graham's strategies. While preserving the integrity of Graham's original text, this revised edition includes updated commentary by noted financial journalist Jason Zweig, whose perspective incorporates the realities of today's market, draws parallels between Graham's examples and today's financial headlines, and gives readers a more thorough understanding of how to apply Graham's principles.

Vital and indispensable, this HarperBusiness Essentials edition of The Intelligent Investor is the most important book you will ever read on how to reach your financial goals.

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70 Responses to “[Download] The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed. By Benjamin Graham”

  1. Phil Helzer

    A must read for any investor in the markets.
    Dry reading for anyone that isn’t dedicated to stock picking or general investment, but among the best investment books ever written.

  2. Kelvin Litano

    Sound investing advice
    There is a reason that Warren Buffet called this one of the most influential books of his investing career.

  3. Corey Brause

    Good info but Dry
    Really good content and but it is a boring read. I would still suggest it

  4. kezzy

    Great information and values
    I enjoyed learning about the rise and fall of different companies, and how to maintain a good attitude when things seem to be going wrong. This book has lots of information!

  5. Lindy Monsegur

    If you must listen to a single book about investing in stocks, this is it

  6. Stephen

    hard to follow
    I thought I was buying Benjamin Graham’s book The intelligent investor. what I got was the book by Benjamin Graham, but somebody putting in there Tom and Jerry on top of it. the book doesn’t designate when the commentary starts and when Benjamin Graham’s ends. As a result it’s confusing. I wish I just would have gotten Benjamin Graham’s book because of the confusion I have no idea what is his and what is not.

  7. J K

    Finished it
    The reason I bought service membership is to get some help to finish this legendary book. Thanks to service, the mission well accomplished. As for the audio content, it could be better in few places but overall very satisfied.

  8. Nicolette Vankammen


  9. Darby Pallazzo

    great book.
    valuable lessons that are as relevant today as they were when the book was written.

  10. Mellie Sumlin

    Pair it with a Tony Robbins book to inspire you to finish it
    A staple of learning the investing game. Without the ‘want’ to learn from this book it will be a dry long road, but worth it.


    As a novice to the investing world this book really helped introduce me to the do’s and don’ts that can easily help and hurt someone new. It is a long listen but well worth the investment of time. Not recommended for those looking to day trade or get rich quick concepts, like the book, the ideas focus on long term investments with well researched companies.

  12. Shira Delille

    loved it. must read even 50 years after. enjoy it very much. do not miss.

  13. Lane Reistetter

    A classic, made modern by great comments
    It is surprising how such al old book has become such a necessity to anyone interested in a topic that requires knowledge to be current. The interesting parts of the book, of course, are its moral elements and not the strictly technical ones; these moral elements are timeless, universal and not trivial. Moreover,I liked the comments at the end of every chapter, to see how these principles have and should be applied beyond the 1970s. Well worth a read!

  14. Reynalda Arthurs

    Better to read this book than hear it
    An excellent book and well audited,
    But has many numbers and would be easier to read than to listen to

  15. Eugenio Mahusay

    a must read
    before investing in stocks bonds or funds read this book a big help to understand what to do.

  16. Juan Marcy

    Worst audiobook ever listened to.
    The book is interesting but if you would listen to this audiobook, you would hate it. This guy narrates this audiobook in the worst way.

  17. Peg B.

    Fundamentos preciosos.
    Abordagem extremamente simples para tratar assuntos complexos.
    Leitura obrigatória tanto para investidores quanto a profissionais que atuam no mercado.

  18. Son Darvin

    great book
    I recommend this book to evryone that wants to learn about investing and its rules.

  19. Harold Schmoll

    Not a travel book
    I bought this book to listen to while driving cross country. It was good listening but I think it would be better to be able to sit and study it as it went along. A lot of chart references.

  20. Anonymous User

    great educational book
    wished it was longer.. missed the part about company governance… voting and whatnot. I still learned a lot.

  21. Lenita Bebber

    A better book to read than listen
    This book has some good, useful information, but without looking at the charts and figures, it’s hard to follow and understand.

  22. Roy Chao

    Save and invest for the future
    Get rich quick isn’t for everyone. Take it from Warren Buffet, invest your money in what you believe in and don’t get scared in the short run. Think Long term!

  23. M. Mohan

    This should be taught in all high school INTELLIGENT INVESTOR 101
    This should be taught in all high schools. I will be teaching this to my children. Thank you.

  24. King Z.

    Relevant to 1972 with limited commentary up to 2000. Totally irrelevant considering the incredible changes in markets and the regulation thereof since the mortgage crisis and the current Bull market.

  25. Herbert Dalere

    A true classic for every investor
    I loved this service book, I read the book in the past but this makes catching up on the content much easier. A true classic in investing logic.

  26. Austin Rouff

    Informative, but maybe not for beginners
    Very informative, with interesting facts and concepts about proper and safe investing.

    it was a lot of numbers for an audio book, so at times it was hard to follow.

    This book is a must read. But If your new to the game, this may not be the book to start with. I will definitely need to listen again to get a better grasp of all this book has to offer.

  27. Bill D


  28. Charlie Scalia

    Changed my life
    Started reading the physical copy but the audio book picked me up when I got tired. I learned so much and developed a new passion, investing, not speculation. Reading this since late September and finishing in March is one of my biggest achievements.

  29. Vernia Garcea

    greatest investment book
    loved it and going to read it again and take notes. Graham really knows what he’s talking about.

  30. Customer

    very good book.
    very informative book. gives good history of market in order for you to understand market fluctuation.

  31. Johan du Pisanie

    Very detailed guide on investment
    The book is extremely detailed and takes a lot of concentration. I believe this is the type of material that one would need to digest a number of times before fully understanding it. It does, however, make a strong case for prudent investment over a long time horizon.

  32. Grant Deetz

    best book about investing ever read
    this book is for those investors who wish to do the best they possibly can and get the most honest opinion about how much money they are going to make and then get some realistic views and input on what they should expect

  33. Evan Karcher

    Loved the way the narrator read. A must for beginners and a refresher for advanced investors. Totally deserving of 5 stars to me.

  34. Samuel Woitaszewski

    Warren Buffet Required Reading for Investors
    I now understand why Warren Buffet Says this is required reading for any investor. The stock market is a scary place and this book serves as a guide to calm the investors nerves. The book is long, and unfortunately Warren Buffet has done an incredible job of summing it up in shareholders letters and interview. So if you want the summary, follow Ben Graham’s beat student.

  35. Chloe Rusch

    Good content. Dull performance.
    This was a very long and boring performance. You are better off reading the hard copy. But if you’re like me and have far too much to read and are trying to get some done during your drive time then this might be worth listening to.

    It definitely gives sound advice on investing and is a must read for any investor, even if you may disagree with the methods – they are still worth listening to and weighing against your own opinions.

  36. Shantel Sahagun

    everyone should read this book
    Everyone should read this book, its knowledge on investing is invaluable. If people read this book there would be less idiots on the road.

  37. Waldo Bluth

    Excellent lessons of discipline and reason
    Many great lessons are in this book. I learned how important courage, reason, and discipline are the most important characteristics of an intelligent investor.

  38. Dwight Digiorgio

    This was book was very informative. As well, relevant in today’s market even though it was written in the past.

  39. Ferdinand

    This book provided me the inner motivation I need to make my future comfortable. Thank you.

  40. Elenor C.

    Not designed to be an audiobook.
    It references tables and things that you cant see because it is audio only. This book was meant to be actually read, not listened to.

  41. Elisa Keath

    I am now an Intelligent Investor!
    Love It! The Intelligent Investor was beyond my expectations. I thought I was an investor but come to find out I’ve only been a speculator all these years up until now. I listened and took notes. This is a book to study. Can’t wait to have the physical book. This is now apart of our homeschool curriculum.

  42. Anonymous User

    great and depth guidelines to investing. The updates are advisory. the best investment book I’ve listen to yet.

  43. Donna Bendig

    This book is very Informative and the speaker does a good job and is not monotone.

  44. MARK

    Definitely a book to study for beginning investors
    This book is by no means some pleasure reading novel. Howver for an investor in book and the first I’ve read it was much more pleasant than expect. There’s a lot of numbers and buisness names and acronyms which a beginning investor may not be away of, but you’ll learn through this book. It took about the 4th or 5th chapter in till I really got engaged and interested in this book. The begging is filled with unfamiliar jargon and numbers (for a beginner), howver after that point when he starts talking strategy for defensive or offensive investors the is where the interesting stuff stated for me. Overall this book give key examples, practice steps and situations I believe you can apply to investing and your portfolio. Most only all it lays out the mindset and practices of an intelligent investor. I recommend this read all the to the end all while frequently bookmarking chapters and paragraphs you see as critical. Then go back and re read and study these notable points.

  45. Maurice Kobara

    A must read for anyone interested in trading or investing.
    I love books that make me reevaluate my perspective of life in this world. This title was one such book. Anyone looking to invest or trade should listen to this book first and make sure they understand the principles outlined on the book before risking capital. I’m going to have to sell some stock tomorrow but better to lose a few bucks now in fees than a few thousand bucks when the bubble inevitably bursts.

  46. Brady Baker

    Great Book
    Everyone who wants to invest must read this book. Easy to follow and understand. Will read again

  47. Lanny Genovese

    Narrator sucks
    The narrator is really annoying. He projects his voice way too much and does stupid accents when other people are quoted.

  48. Drema Hensley

    Absolutely Essential
    The book is absolutely essential for anyone who actually interested in becoming an investor. There is a distinct dichotomy between the old school of thought of being a traditional investor versus this new era of an ocean of speculators tricking themselves into believing they are investors. This book magnifies and clarifies the true distinction of what an investor is and a speculator. Understanding the fundamentals of the security and applying it to the big picture.

  49. Brian W.

    Great book for a new investor
    Just started investing and this book and a couple others were recommended by friends that work as investors in NY. Overall this gives you a solid baseline and guidelines to work with on what to do and what not to do. This is definitely something to read before diving into this new world .

  50. Luz Eflin

    Great edition with useful commentaries
    Great edition to revisit this book. I very much enjoyed the commentaries and updated examples on Graham’s classic principles

  51. Joel Kulbacki

    Might just be me …
    I agree sound advice is timeless, and most of what I could listen too sounded right. It is just the book was originally written decades ago, and I could never get past allot of the reference points mentioned in the book, and kept feeling fresher POV and material might be better. Again – sound advice is timeless, it just felt like I was in a time machine, which was distracting.

  52. eddie

    its good
    the actual book is a better read but if you don’t have the time at the moment the service will do

  53. See Dollings

    A MUST!!
    If you are interested in investing and new to it, this book is a must!

  54. Robert T. Boch

    a must read for any investor
    great book for understanding how to invest. the book seems dated at first but the advice is timeless and the updates work well

  55. Tyron Kittner

    Buy a print copy of you want this information.
    Good content, however very long, requiring note taking in order to apply the principals. Audio is a poor platform for this particular book.

  56. Anonymous User

    very dreary and hard to listen to.
    I listen to many investment audio books. this one has way too many dates and prices which are hard to follow. I’m concerned about falling off to sleep at the wheel.

  57. Randal Acy

    Best book on investment
    Very good narration. The rule on holding at least 25% stock or bond is very wise and prevents overly speculative behavior. The commentary is excellent and brings Graham’s work into the perspective of the 21st Century.

  58. Letisha K.

    Great information on Investment!
    Sets you in the right direction for trading and investment. Don’t be fooled by the glitter of the market but invest wisely and be patient

  59. Keisha Fiorenza

    50 years old and still relevant
    Impressive something written so Long ago can still hold and maintain so many insights and truths. The focus on human nature and fundamentals makes this possible. Well presented and enjoyable.

  60. Felix F H

    A must read
    One of a handful of foundational works written for the individual investor. A treasure trove of wisdom paired with a wealth of information. Excellent narration as well.

  61. Buck A.

    Good advice but the time travel is awkward
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  62. Stacia Warsme

    Best book on investment
    everyone should read it before investing. I know lot more why how each things matter.

  63. Nickolas Jacquet

    must read
    it is as simple as everyone should read this book and I mean everyone. secure your future.

  64. Christopher Retter

    Everything you need to know about investment. Period.

    Perfect for beginner.

    Only cons is the reading voice, a bit monotone which may make listener sleepy.

  65. Sherita Papalia

    a lot of detail
    This would be a book better read than on service. a lot of references to charts that are not available to the listener.

  66. Divina Beckert

    Read 3 times. I have to say that its a good
    Complementary material for the book. Interpretation was very good. I liked it veru much overall

  67. Theodore Mckinnie

    This book is a good investment.
    love it. This book is a good investment. Every business man should read it .

  68. Jesse

    A must read
    If you invest or want to invest, this is sound advice. Buffets favorite book for a reason!

  69. Anibal F.

    Patience is Valuable
    The book provides valuable perspective on historical stock market moves as well as case studies and comparisons of individual companies. Explains what true value is, the two major investing strategies, and the principles required for managing risk. The information is mostly old but the theory and practice of investing have not changed. Update does cover the dot com bust with many examples of which stocks were idiotic but very popular investments. The commentary at the end of each chapter provides updated and useful perspective on Graham’s old text. The readers occasional droll wit adds a touch of fun to a dry subject. This book has made me notice and rethink all of my speculations and commit to finding value over the long term.

  70. Royal Trumbull

    A Reference Manual
    This title should be studied and reviewed periodically to enjoy/ profit from it’s true value.

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