[Download] The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? By Seth Godin

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

By: Seth Godin
Narrated by: Seth Godin
Length: 7 hours
Release date: Jan 1, 2013
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (64 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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What are you afraid of?
The old rules: Play it safe. Stay in your comfort zone. Find an institution, a job, a set of rules to stick to. Keep your head down. Don't fly too close to the sun.
The new truth: It's better to be sorry than safe. You need to fly higher than ever.
In his bravest and most challenging book yet, Seth Godin shows how we can thrive in an econ­omy that rewards art, not compliance. He explains why true innovators focus on trust, remarkabil­ity, leadership, and stories that spread. And he makes a passionate argument for why you should be treating your work as art.
Art is not a gene or a specific talent. It's an atti­tude, available to anyone who has a vision that others don't, and the guts to do something about it. Steve Jobs was an artist. So were Henry Ford and Martin Luther King Jr.
To work like an artist means investing in the things that scale: creativity, emotional labor, and grit. The path of the artist isn't for the faint of heart-but Godin shows why it's your only chance to stand up, stand out, and make a difference.
The time to seize new ground and work without a map is now. So what are you going to do?
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70 Responses to “[Download] The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? By Seth Godin”

  1. Mei Marineau

    Picks up where other Godin Books Leave Off
    I think I’ve “read” all of Seth’s books. My fav of the bunch was Tribes. It encourages all of us to engage with the like-minded in a compelling way, and our Tribe will form. It’s a “Rah rah!” book that reminds us that we all have a unique story to tell, and that there is an audience for it.

    But this is about The Icarus Deception. TID is about what Seth refers to as “Art.” More specifically, your unique Art, and how your fears are hindering you from flying closer and closer to the sun.

    Being a musician and Realtor, this book hit me from two sides. From my music side, it has completely encouraged me to be much more free with my ideas, and to stop making someone else’s Art. From a business perspective, Seth has always inspired me to get outside the box and stay there for a while. TID keeps me on the path, or off of it I suppose.

    Seth reads his own work. He’s very good at it, as he should be with the 1000s of talks he has given over his career. The pace is nice. I listened to a majority of TID on a 10 hour late night drive across the Midwest. Seth kept me awake.

    Definitely worth a monthly credit. If you like Seth’s other works, you’ll not be overly surprised but indeed satisfied. If this is your first Seth Godin book, you’ll be both.

  2. Karima Dube

    Like author but book disappointing; facile treatment of interesting phenomenon – personal manifesto lacks scope and depth

  3. Dave

    Validation for Artists
    If you could sum up The Icarus Deception in three words, what would they be?

  4. Heidi A.

    Extremely boring and very superfluous stuff
    It was bad from the very beginning, but I decided to patient, listened up to 60%. Still nothing changed. Just a set of superfluous slogans on how to live the too be proud of it, arranged into quite commiserated system that author trying to push into my head. Four hours of time wasted. Don’t recommend to repeat my mistake.

  5. Andy

    I will be listening to this throughout my entire life… it spoke to me… I recommend this gem to everyone… AWESOME!!!! Andy

  6. Claretha Sylvester

    It gave me a fresh and new perspective on achieving goals and living a full life

  7. Agnus M.

    Seth doesnt disappoint
    another inspiring listen. Similar themes to indispensible but still quite good. It also helps that he narrates this himself, you can hear the urgency in his voice at some key chapters of the book. Overall great.

  8. Ellie Saden

    A regurgitation of his other books
    What did you like best about The Icarus Deception? What did you like least?

  9. AJ

    Essentiall reading for apprentices of mastery
    This book is dense with examples and references and it it is very relevant in our post-industrial/Industry 4.0 world where artistry and provenance is becoming the driving force or success

  10. Deshawn W.

    Would you listen to The Icarus Deception again? Why?

  11. Terresa Leischner

    The author is a horrible reader
    What would have made The Icarus Deception better?

  12. Shauna

    Excellent book
    This book has brought to the surface all of the things that an artist is and all that we struggle with. It has helped me embrace those things that I thought should be “fixed” and has given me a boost of confidence that my ways are different but no less effective. I highly recommend it to the artist and to anyone who loves one.

  13. Leatha Canseco

    Enlightening information but a weird pace
    Serh Godin is a master in making us think. But his pace and rhythm while talking can throw people off. This book is a great way to break with the established system and create a new, fresh way of connecting with people. Read it.

  14. Willy B.

    A rare voice!
    The re-education I have been looking for and needing. Redefining success and art is a true game changer.

  15. Carl Bribiesca

    Well put!
    Narration was perfect, clear and it was broken down into manageable chapters to get the information.

  16. Jaye Scallan

    I love all of Seths books and have read or listened to a few of them more than once, and I hate reading.

  17. Renaldo Brandal

    It really talked to me.
    Would you listen to The Icarus Deception again? Why?

  18. Ariel Sterger

    Classic Art
    My second listen. It gets better every time. Godin reading is a treat. Challenging the notion of what is uncomfortable.

  19. Mike Henry Sr.

    Great Godin!
    What made the experience of listening to The Icarus Deception the most enjoyable?

  20. Remona Iwanski

    Some great concepts. Not a guidebook by any means. But most of all…WHY does he insist on reading his own work?? He’s awful. I’ve heard book reports in middle school read better.

  21. Glen

    Inspirational and relatable
    Awesome. Enjoyed every minute and am convinced I will now take action to produce my own art. Very true about the Fraud aspect.

  22. Chauncey Deneal

    As an avid reader and eternal student this book has to be one the best books I have ever read. This work supports the artist – the entrepreneur providing genuine original insights which are encouraging and enlightening. Thank you for the wisdom insights and amazing body of work.

  23. Leonardo Roll

    Great insight on what’s key to succeed in post Industrial Age.
    Whether it’s our system of education or how to succeed in business today Seth’s insight that we at all artists ( or have the potential) is insightful, appropriate, and laid out in a way that is very persuasive.
    I will buy the book and read it again…. And again.

  24. Hilary Georgales

    Powerful Messages for Humans and Humanity
    Where does The Icarus Deception rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  25. Kareen Perruzzi

    Paradigm shift tool!
    Seth Godin has a way of making an artist in every one of us. By his eloquent narration one is able to discover that the solution to every problem lies within oneself.

  26. Frederic Nicks

    Good book.
    I liked Seth’s other books better, such as Purple Cow, Tribes, and Linchpin. However, this book has a good perspective as to staying too comfortable and not taking the necessary risks to be an impresario.

  27. Chaunce Dolan

    An inspiring book for anyone creating, building, or designing something
    Seth’s read of this was great and he knows where to slow down and emphasize points for dramatic effect. I captured many, many buyers and quotes from this. I highly recommend anyone reading this comment, to listen to this book.

  28. Everett Auther

    I don’t know why my boss wanted me to read this
    I often wondered how 7 hours could feel like such a long time while listening to this book. There are a lot of theories and a lot of talking and not a lot of practical application. I get that that was the point of the book, that you had to figure it out yourself, but it just wasn’t really helpful to me.

  29. Teressa Hibble

    Why I should create Art. Inspiring and Actionable.
    If you could sum up The Icarus Deception in three words, what would they be?

  30. Kathie B.

    This is not a book of business strategy or tactics. It is purely inspirational writing. It worked for me. This is the Seth Godin book that was recommended to me repeatedly by trusted friends, and I enjoyed it more than I actually expected to. So much that I’ve recommended it to others, and will most likely give this a repeat listen.

  31. Gretchen J.

    My favorite since linchpin
    Of all the books seth godin had written, linchpin and this book, icarus deception are the best. Similar message, but with a different emphasis.

  32. Joanna Jewkes

    This is a must read for educators, business folks, and human beings in general. The material can be very far reaching if spread to the right places! As a newly retired educator, I can affirm that this is not the direction that our educational system is headed, but the leadership needs to have this material in hand… and as quickly as possible for the sake of the students! (Quite frankly, it will be very welcome to the teaching artists in the classroom!)
    Seth Godin is a genius! Now that I am working in my own business, I hear him quoted everywhere I go. This book is one of the many reasons why.

  33. Charles Rhule

    This is the first Seth Godin book I’ve read, and I now understand why he’s so popular. This is an insightful perspective on a new paradigm of work in what he terms the connection economy. Seth challenges you to find your art, face your fears, ship it and continue to do still until you succeed.

  34. Geraldo Cobetto

    Dare to fly closer to the sun.
    How to shut the voice of doubt of yourself and others, and just do the work, create art, and follow your path to fulfilment and great achivements.


    This is a once in a lifetime book
    Read this book as if your life as a human and artist depended on it. Find you place – fund your art – live your gifts. Fly as high as you possibly can.

  36. Stanton Jenovese

    Worth getting it.
    Would you listen to The Icarus Deception again? Why?

  37. Coy Riggi

    Overall inspirational
    Repetitive and contradictory at times, this is still an inspirational listen if you’re an artist and/or concerned that you may not be utilizing your creative potential.

  38. Gaye Campion

    New Perspectives for Changing Times
    What about Seth Godin’s performance did you like?

  39. Ronnie Glyn

    The Life Creative
    A good meditation on the shift of paradigm the world is going through. Sort of a Hot, Flat, and Crowded from the perspective of creativity. Of course, those who are most creative have always pushed the edge of change in every field, Godin joins the chorus of voices pointing out that that is one of the most valuable qualities to have in the information age and throws down the gauntlet for the life creative.

  40. conniseur

    A must read for every entreprenuer!!
    Such a smart writer. His words really spoke to my soul to help me in my journey to self I employment. Every business owner should read this!!

  41. Forrest Maione

    A Disturbing Book – and That Isn’t All Bad
    What did you love best about The Icarus Deception?

  42. Lucius Higuera

    A simple answer is hard to disregard.
    I was heaved into a world 34 yrs ago that made little sense to me. Not perplexing every answer was given. None ever satisfied. Preventing destructive governance by destroying satisfied me enough. It fit well with my own self destructive outlook. I found a new world hidden 4yrs past. Fascination flooded over me. I found my inner artist. I have used painting (canvas, clothing indoors and out) landscaping, home repair/ remodeling… In different ways of expressing my new passionate world. All are great connectors. This perception pushed me to renewed zeal and excitement. To have someone describe why this world is in its current state and what is being offered to us. Creation is a act of love and the micro image of god. I accept the views challenge and passion placed forward by such a wonderful heart and mind as I perceive. I will enjoy this book narration and lecture many more times. Thank you Sire! Mr. Godin I see the god in you! Thank you for your connections.

  43. Quinn Whisenton

    Every Parent Should Listen
    Seth always keeps it real and The Icarus Deception is no exception. I love how he has changed the whole ‘entrepreneurial mentality’ into an artist mentality and gave plenty of advice for people who don’t just want to be a cubicle inhabitor. I particularly liked the section where he gives advice to friends and family of people who have, what some may call ‘wild cards’ in their lives. That’s the part that’s especially good for parents.

  44. Irwin H.

    I would recommend this title and linchpin to anyone. Gives you the tools and inspiration for inner analysis and the desire to pursue your dreams.

  45. Wm Kaska

    Seth Godin at his best
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  46. Heidy Schmucker

    Great content, mediocre production
    Seth Godin is Seth Godin and its worth every penny. The audio on here was hard to listen to though. EQ was not right and it gave ear fatigue. Just being honest.

  47. Silvana Mallinson

    The reader’s tone
    I rather read the book than listen to this book. The speakers tone has no excitement and dual. It’s make the book boring.

    However, the content of the book is excellent.

  48. Lucina Kin

    This book is a work of Art!
    What did you love best about The Icarus Deception?

  49. Augustine Kraasch

    Another Gem From Seth!
    Great story-telling from Seth Godin. Insightful ideas told as only Seth can. Make sure you add this to your collection.

  50. Elaina T.

    Terrible Narration
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  51. Raphael Hagebusch

    Incredibly Inspirational
    Read and begin to make art. Read again, then make art. …dots to fulfill the word count requirement for a proper review. More dots. ……………………

  52. Charles Y.

    His best book
    Godin books are almost always good, and rarely great. This one is awesome. It’s stuffed full of aphorisms, so if you’re feeling skeptical you can pick it apart as idealism, but I loved it.

    The only thing to complain about for me is how slowly he reads the book. I’m quite glad the app allows me to adjust the playback speed — even at 2x speed, listening and comprehension felt natural.

  53. Brownrygg

    The most important book
    This is the most important book I’ve read for entrepreneurs inventors and artists. these words of wisdom will be the foundation for how I move forward in my entrepreneurial Journey.

  54. Maurita Paskey

    Great eye opening experience about life and the paths we take. Made me look at the world Art totally different. A lot of what the author said I see in my every day life.

  55. Car

    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  56. Latisha T.

    Choose yourself
    Seth writes and reads with a compelling point. Don’t wait to be chosen. You are an artist so start to make new connections.

  57. Yong F.

    Seth’s Godin is a deep intellectual thinker who does not “drink the Kool-Aid”.
    Savor every word in this book. Go slow because you will get out of it exactly what you put in. This man is one of the highest level fingers on relationship management I have ever read.

  58. Customer

    Nice but way tooooooo long!
    Any additional comments?

  59. Dan S.

    Most of the books I have read this year (18+)
    Start off ok and then finally get good towards the end. This is one of those books that’s good from the opening chapter and only gets better as you go on.

  60. Minna Tavernia

    Engaged the entire book
    Would you consider the audio edition of The Icarus Deception to be better than the print version?

  61. Ambrose Gerardo

    Listened 3 times.
    It’s totally unique. A prod to create a ruckus. Not for cynics. Not for optimists. For realists. For leaders. If it resonates, take it, if it doesn’t, try something else. There are enough books out there. For me, this is the Bible. For you, it might be something else.

  62. Ben S.

    Understand your life, talent, work, ideas as art
    What did you love best about The Icarus Deception?

  63. Elsy Whitiker

    If everything is “art”, then the term becomes meaningless.
    I really want to like Seth Godin. He draws you in with a good idea, but then it all descends into vapidity and repetition so quickly. I think his short blog posts are terrific, but they just don’t scale into a book.

  64. Jack Gaito

    Good food for thought
    Many useful points helped me see things differently. Seth Godin has a way of digging deep into thoughts in the back of our minds but don’t always take time to explore.

  65. Kami Mulanax

    Loved it!
    What did you love best about The Icarus Deception?

  66. Bernie Metsker

    Inspiring ideas read by the author himself
    What made the experience of listening to The Icarus Deception the most enjoyable?

  67. Analisa Rix

    New favorite!
    I am almost speechless. This book is amazing! Great read! I highly recommend it. Priceless new insights from a fresh perspective.

  68. Ramiro M.

    This is the book book started me blogging
    Seth Godin knows how to make you reflect on your situation and think of strategies to help you achieve your next art project. And for that, I thank him.

  69. Faustino Flor

    Any additional comments?

  70. Nisha Dimmitt

    Revealing & just what I needed
    Seth reveals the new 21st century economy in such a direct & honest way that I think I really got it for the first time. Not another pop marketing strategy filled with jargon or strategies that will get you what you want.
    Instead he methodically lays out the opportunity to do the work you’ve always known & wanted. Less of a kick in the ass or slap on the back than a personal, vulnerable invitation. Here it is. Now go do it.

    Personally it rung the right chord. I’m settling Ng aside other inputs to repeat this one while I make my leap.

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