[Download] The Hunter Killers: Egyptian Dawn By Eric Meyer

The Hunter Killers: Egyptian Dawn

By: Eric Meyer
Length: 326 pages
Release date: Sep 17, 2013
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Liam Schaeffer, former leader of the 'Hunter Killers', is shocked when he receives a sudden and desperate call for help. An old comrade from their unit, made up of elite combat veterans turned mercenaries, is in trouble. He responds, only to find the man is already dead. And for him, the real trouble is about to begin.

He is arrested and accused of the murder. A secretive intelligence officer offers him a deal to secure his freedom. Schaeffer will need to find his old contacts and reform the Hunter Killers. Their mission is to travel to the world’s number one trouble spot. Egypt. The job? Simple, doing what they once did best. To hunt down and kill a man. Their new target is a terrorist known simply as the Mad Mullah. An old enemy from the Hunter Killers’ Afghanistan days, and now the most deadly Islamic radical in the Middle East.

Once inside Egypt, they find themselves battling impossible odds, where murder and betrayal stalk them at every turn. In order to overcome their enemies, and complete their mission, they are forced to exploit every resource and weapon at their disposal. Their mission to eliminate the Mad Mullah, clear Schaeffer’s name, and find the man who killed their friend.

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