[Download] The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty By Julia Flynn Siler

The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty

By: Julia Flynn Siler
Narrated by: Alan Sklar
Length: 17 hours
Release date: Jul 16, 2007
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (39 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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Set in California's lush Napa Valley and spanning four generations of a talented and visionary family, The House of Mondavi is a tale of genius, sibling rivalry, and betrayal. From 1906, when Italian immigrant Cesare Mondavi passed through Ellis Island, to the Robert Mondavi Corporation's twenty-first-century battle over a billion-dollar fortune, award-winning journalist Julia Flynn Siler brings to life both the place and the people in this riveting family drama.

The blood feuds are as spectacular as the business triumphs. Cesare's sons, Robert and Peter, literally came to blows in the 1960s during a dispute touched off by the purchase of a mink coat, resulting in Robert's exile from the family-and his subsequent founding of a winery that would set off a revolution in American winemaking. Robert's sons, Michael and Timothy, as passionate in their own ways as their visionary father, waged battle with each other for control of the company before Michael's expansive ambitions ultimately led to a board coup and the sale of the business to an international conglomerate.

A meticulously reported narrative based on thousands of hours of interviews, The House of Mondavi is bound to become a classic.
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14 Responses to “[Download] The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty By Julia Flynn Siler”

  1. Joey Ambers

    Compelling strory of a family’s self distruction
    Would you consider the audio edition of The House of Mondavi to be better than the print version?

  2. Karoline Remigio

    Loved it! Narrator was amazing and the story was enthralling. I couldn’t stop listening to it. Great read if you’re industry or not.

  3. KimBO

    Really Interesting Read!
    I never knew the background of the Mondavi family and this book shed so many interesting details of their family history, California winemaking as well comparisons between French wines.

  4. Ciara Fazzi

    Well researched, written and narrated.
    What did you love best about The House of Mondavi?

  5. Vernita Kaarlela

    The House of Mondavi
    It started out, in the first book, as very interesting although the reader needs more experience. Then it became repetitive and boring. I didn’t end up finishing the story although I would have liked to have heard the ending but I just couldn’t go on. Linda

  6. Lashandra Kofoed

    Great history of California wines.
    If you are interested in wine and how California became such a large producer of wine, this is for you. It is very detail heavy, but it was intriguing to see how the wine industry in Napa was started.

  7. Rex Compagna

    Wine or whine
    Anyone interested in the wine industry would find this book interesting. However, the length at which the author goes on and on at times is tedious at best and leaves the listener wondering why certain details made it into the book. I was questioning the editing quite often. It is clear the author did a tremendous amount of research in writing this book and seems to be determined to fit in everything she could just so her research efforts didn’t got to waste. Additionally, the book is written chronologically but still manages to skip around through time which breaks up the fluidity that should accompany a book dealing with fine wine production.

  8. Clarence Linebaugh

    Haughty Narrator
    This fellow Sklar seems very impressed with himself and how he pronounces french words with a faue french accent, but he butchers the name of the town, St. Helena, which central to the story. This shows a lacks professionalism in my opinion, not getting the pronounciations correct.

  9. Kent Gaietto

    Really good and interesting
    I debated whether or not to get this and am so glad I did. It proves that sometimes life is more interesting than fiction. I have a new found respect for the wine business.

  10. Arden Crupe

    Such Promise
    This book showed great promise, but the reader was so poor that I couldn’t finish it. A reader should at least know how to pronounce the crucial place names, as well as the state of Oregon.

  11. Pete Bortignon

    Loved it!
    great story with lots of drama an unexpected surprises! They must listen… Especially for wine lovers!

  12. Kylee Hegg

    Interesting recounting of dynastic dysfunction
    Julia Flynn Siler does an excellent job chronicalling the lives and events relative to the dynastic Mondavi famly. It’s really well done, although it helps, as she is very detailed, to have a true interest in the CA wine scene. This is not a ‘happy ending’ saga – if anything it could be a morality play on the corrupting influence of money coupled with blind ambition. While the story held my interest, the narrator did not improve the experience, coming off to me as stilting, stuffy and patronizing – a sorry choice for an otherwise interesting story.

  13. teacher007

    If you like Die Hard
    You will love this book. So similar in so many ways. Yippie Ky yaay mo fo!

  14. John

    A very interesting informative book Mondavis
    What made the experience of listening to The House of Mondavi the most enjoyable?

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