[Download] The Healer is You By Diane See

The Healer is You

By: Diane See
Length: 144 pages
Release date: Aug 1, 2012
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The whole gamut of books on self-healing is synthesized into this one handy little book for purse or bedside. You can be your own primary healthcare provider with these helpful insights and simple practices for self-development. Don’t see your body as the enemy—falling apart, or getting old. With your loving care you can return to your natural state of health, harmony, and inner peace.

Like a true modern-day shaman, Diane See has combined all the most cutting-edge concepts in self healing with her own practical wisdom arrived at from years of relentless study and observation. The Healer is You takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery through the mind and body so compelling that if it doesn't touch you deeply you probably aren't alive!

Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine, and other books, called The Healer Is You “an excellent guidebook into the emerging landscape of the new medicine. It is becoming clear that we cannot be whole without attention to all we are—body, mind, spirit. This book shows why.”

Jean Liedloff called this book “a valuable contribution to our growing awareness of the interaction between the body and the mind.”

Diane See has spent her life investigating the many aspects of human development from birth to aging, and how to live a fulfilling life. This book is based on the curriculum she designed and taught for 13 years at City College San Francisco, called Mind-Body Health. After retiring from City College in 2003, Diane settled in Santa Cruz, California, where she continues to teach, and to write.

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