[Download] The Graveyard Book By Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book

By: Neil Gaiman
Narrated by: Neil Gaiman
Length: 7 hours
Release date: Sep 30, 2008
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (6,760 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead.

There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack – who has already killed Bod's family...

Beloved master storyteller Neil Gaiman returns with a luminous new novel for the audience that embraced his New York Times bestselling modern classic Coraline. Magical, terrifying, and filled with breathtaking adventures, The Graveyard Book is sure to enthrall readers of all ages.

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69 Responses to “[Download] The Graveyard Book By Neil Gaiman”

  1. Sharron L.

    Book description doesn’t do it justice
    This is a marvelous mix of Stardust and Ocean at the end of the Lane. I think the story was great – just enough of the supernatural that you are absolutely sure lurks under your bed (no matter how many decades you have under your belt) to be entrancing. I loved the author reading his own book and I adored Nobody Owens. All around a super listen!

  2. Sandy G.

    Who is this book written for?
    I listened to the book in order to see which one of my sons to give it to (14 or 7 year old). I enjoyed it, but had a hard time figuring out who would be interesed in it. 14 year-old – not anymore, and 7 year-old might be just fine, except for the graffic details of the murder sceene at the beginning of the book. So far the youngest had listened to the first half, and quit.

  3. Gregory Cosselman

    I loved the characters in the graveyard!
    Very enjoyable. Great narrator!

  4. Sha Gothe

    A Winner — Familiar, Yet Original
    I’ve listened to this 4 or 5 times since purchasing it and absolutely love the story, the characters and the author’s narration. There are obvious parallels to the Harry Potter premise — a baby targeted for death by dark forces develops special talents and knowledge under the protection of allies with special powers. But while the story feels familiar like all great fairy tales, it also has some elements of originality that keep me returning to this audiobook.

  5. Don

    I am not a big Neil Gaiman fan, but after listening to “The Graveyard Book,” I became one! Its stark simplicity makes this a rare story. The balance between creepy and warmth is something I have never encountered in modern stories. I hope they don’t botch this up in Hollywood!

  6. Monnie Silvernail

    Another winner from Gaiman
    Nobody Owens is saved from murder when he is taken into the graveyard as a toddler. We watch him grow and explore his world. There is the creepy without being icky; the tingly feeling up and down your spine. The story, like all good ones, transports you. And as an adult, I loved it, but I could see that young adults would like it, too. The book was one I could not put down, and was then sorry it was over. I hope to hear more about Nobody Owens and his travels around the world. But then, I do enjoy the worlds that Mr. Gaiman shows us.

    Mr. Gaiman’s narration is wonderful. Its a charming book; don’t miss it.

  7. Murray Hatfield

    Parents should listen first
    This is a great book and wonderfully read (by the author?). HOWEVER… parents might want to listen to it first. The first scene is, well, to put it bluntly, the narrative of a professional murderer stabbing to death two parents and a little girl. It’s pretty violent. The story really starts with the second scene, where the baby is “adopted” by ghosts in the graveyard, and if you think the scene of murder will bother your child overmuch, you can probably just skip right over it without losing much plot.

    But this is a very good book, and the reader is really, really good, especially with the children’s voices.

  8. Angelo P.

    Absolute solace
    If you could sum up The Graveyard Book in three words, what would they be?

  9. Robert D.

    Entertaining for both young & young at heart
    A truly enjoyable book! Even for myself, well beyond the age served by “youth fiction”, I was enthralled throughout. It’s both spooky and heart warming, with characters that are very unique and likable. The plot carries along nicely, and even when events seem to make little sense, most things are tied back up in the end. Almost makes me wish I grew up in a graveyard…

  10. Lyman Nicastro

    Made me wish I had a haunted graveyard family!
    A lighthearted tale about an orphaned baby who is adopted and raised by the supernatural inhabitants of a graveyard.

    When a secret, occult group learns that a child will spell their doom, they seek to eliminate said child. Though they dispatch the infant’s family, through a series of events, the baby boy is found by the spiritual (deceased) inhabitants of an old, local cemetery.

    He is quickly adopted and protected by the graveyard folk. They protect him from the faction that took his natural family while raising and loving him as if they were his living, breathing kin.

    This book invites you to become ensconced in the hamlet where your adopted parents are a kindly, husband-and-wife, Victorian ghost couple, your guardian is an ancient, reformed vampire, your tutor is a matronly werewolf, and your neighborhood is a venerable graveyard with a quaint community of ghosts from here, there, and then. The graveyard’s magic keeps you hidden from those who would do you harm, and you must remain until safe. But in the meantime, you find your hearth and heart among the macabre.

  11. Johnny Feiner

    A treat!
    I downloaded this book to “read” with my sixteen year old daughter on a car trip. We *both* enjoyed it tremendously. Wonderful writing, narrating. I’m going to immediately look for other books by Neil Gaiman. (Note, I enjoyed this book as much as my daughter – I recommend for adults as well as young adults. I think anyone over the age of 11 or 12 would be suitable.

  12. Jorge Hodgkin

    Got my son to read this book
    What did you love best about The Graveyard Book?

  13. Brigid Layhew

    Wonderful Surprise
    My children are grown and I have no grandchildren to use as an excuse to listen to books intended for a younger audience so I will just have to make this my guilty pleasure. I loved this book and the narration was wonderful. I usually shy away from authors reading thier own works. This is the ultimate exception. Mr Gaiman’s narration was spot on. The characters are all so charming. What a fun read! I hated to see it end. Can’t wait to listen to more of his books.

  14. Danette

    A Delightful Look at Life After Death
    As I visited several family graves over Memorial Day, I couldn’t help thinking about this charming book. I wondered what my deceased family members thought about the new neighbors they acquired throughout the last year! I don’t know if it was the appeal of the innocence of youth, the history lessons, or just my desire to belief that we continue to exist even after death–I loved this book!

  15. sharon

    Great listen
    I read the book and listened to the Audio book, both are great. Would really like a follow-up book to see how Bod is doing.

  16. neja003

    Great book and a great listen
    Almost everyone has talked so highly about this book. And I am here to say, “They are absolutely right”. This is a great book about a little boy who grows up in some rather abnormal circumstances. Its funny, sad, creepy, mystical and comes with some great pieces of insight. I do want to add that Neil Geiman is clearly not just a great writer but an excellent narrator as well. The book has so many characters it would be so hard to listen if it were not for the narrator, who just magically transforms his voice to suit the character. Buy this book, if you have a taste for genius!

  17. Bruno Esmont

    If there are any gods in heaven…
    …then there will be a sequel.

    The Graveyard Book is an expansion of Gaiman’s own short story, The Witch’s Headstone, and a super fun read. The story has Gaiman’s trademark other world elements but the comparison ends there.

    Bod (Nobody Owens) is an orphaned boy raised by the permanent inhabitants of an old English graveyard. His quiet, anonymous little life is actually something very different. Discovering who he is is the spark for his outrageous adventures.

    I gathered (from the reviews) that this was intended for more literate teens. That won’t preclude a more mature lover of a good yarn from getting carried away with Bod’s darkish adventures. There’s no Freddy Kruger nonsense or Stephen King hauntings here — it’s delightfully different.

    Also, Gaiman reads this himself and you don’t have to pay extra for that!!

  18. Jen K.

    The Jungle Book Meets a Graveyard
    This book has become my favorite Gaiman book. Although it might seem like a young adult, I truly believe a reader of any age can fall under the spell of this magical romp through a boy’s life in a graveyard. Gaiman creates an enthralling story with the dark background of macabre and murder. Bod is likeable and easy to identify with as he struggles to grow up and learn about the world.

    I listened to this as an audiobook and was enamored by Gaiman’s excellent narration. He is truly one of the best storytellers of our age. Listening to an author narrate his own story is my favorite thing, because he knows exactly what his characters sound like and all their mannerisms.

    I can’t recommend this book enough. You will not be disappointed with and, most likely, you’ll want to read it again and again.

  19. Austin Gamboa

    Neil is a genius
    Although this book is aimed at kids, Neil manages to create, yet again, a delightful story that adults can also truly enjoy. I’m a big fan of Neil’s work (obviously), and my favorite thing about him, is that he doesn’t write “down” to kids. Of course he eliminates the adult language and sexuality, but he keeps all of the intelligent, elegant writing intact. His delightful brand of creepy-yet-heartwarming storytelling is there no matter what age group is the target. Oh, and he deserved the Newbery Medal he won for this wonderful book.

  20. Darrell G.

    Another Great Story from Mr. Gaiman
    I usually love stories by Neil Gaiman and this one is no exception. The story of Nobody Owens told in The Graveyard Book has its dark moments but falls just short of being scary.

    You can watch videos of Mr. Gaiman reading chapters from the book at his web site for young readers “Mr. Bobo’s Remarkable Mouse Circus” where you can also find his other YA books and games.

  21. Shemika Tyson

    A fairytale that is wonderfully human.
    What made the experience of listening to The Graveyard Book the most enjoyable?

  22. Carolina K.

    A charming story with an edge of horror
    This story is different – an interesting, easy-to-listen-to fantasy. If you liked Coraline or Neverwhere, you will like this. I have read several books by Neil Gaiman, and I liked this one much better than American Gods or Anansi Boys.

  23. Nigel Toledano

    Great Listen!
    This is the first Gaiman book I’ve ever read/listened to, and I was not disappointed. The story was good, but the narration by the author was the best part. I believe I wouldn’t have been as impressed if anyone else had narrated. Gaiman has the talent of a great author coupled with a rich voice, inflection and personalization of the different characters- as someone else mentioned, I would buy ANYTHING he narrated. Extremely enjoyable, I find myself hoping for a sequel! The story had me listening late into the evening, wanting to know what happened. I think this book is suitable for anyone over the age of 8. A bit spooky, a bit sad and humorous at the same time. Not the best book ever, but one of the better ones I’ve read. Worth a credit? Absolutely! The only thing I found disconcerting was the volume of the music between chapters- I think it would’ve been better at a more subtle volume, instead of drowing the narration of the first sentance or two of each chapter. For Gaiman fans, a must, and a great family listen for all!

  24. Steven V.

    II loved this book
    Would you consider the audio edition of The Graveyard Book to be better than the print version?

  25. Lyman Ritterbush

    Beautiful Take on Death
    If you could sum up The Graveyard Book in three words, what would they be?

  26. Maria Laskar

    Pacing, writing, characters, all compelling. I would never have gotten this book if it were not on the best selling list and if it weren’t cheaper than the others. Wow. Wow. A slight nod to Harry Potter, but not much. It goes different places, has a different but excellent storytelling tone.

  27. Wilbur Wettach

    Gaiman is God!
    Any additional comments?

  28. Krystle Znidarsic

    Spooky, beautiful and entertaining!
    Would you consider the audio edition of The Graveyard Book to be better than the print version?

  29. Cleta Niewieroski

    Great book!
    I have been listening to service books for so long and this one had me all the way through.
    The author did an excellent narration. Wonderful listen. I was sad when it was over

  30. Denisha D.

    very nice
    when i bought this book, like a moron (because apparently, all gaiman writes are kids books) i didnt know i was buying a children”s book. i suspected, but that was all. anyway, i really enjoyed it. each chapter seemed like a short story that would add up to a book. that seemed to go away after the first few chapters though. i don”t know why, it through me off a little. anyway it really was a good story and i enjoyed it alot. i listen to books as i drive for work, spending 7-10 hours in the car at a time. on occaision, one of my kids will come along for the ride. it was a great book to entertain the both of us(me 30 and my daughter 12).

  31. Vernie Klunk

    I haven’t listened to a novel like this one so it was really enjoyable. The story follows the life of a child named Bod who grows up in a graveyard full of ghosts. I wouldn’t say this book is action packed but there are enough adventures along the way to keep one entertained. Neil creates a fun look into what the after life may contain and adds all the fun creatures of the night you would find in most horror stories like vampires and ghouls. The reader is great and there is some spooky music that accompanies this audiobook. I really want to see a sequel but I don’t think writing series is Gaiman’s style. However, I believe he has commented on having a future installment which would take us away from the graveyard. There certainly is a lot of this world that Gaiman hints upon along the way leaving much to be explored and explained. Till then, I suggest if you haven’t read/listened to this story to do so now.

  32. Noble M.

    This is my first Gaiman book and I’ll definitely be back for more!

  33. Carroll M.

    Not only for chldren!
    I almost did not purchase this book. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, but 7 hour childrens book did not sound like my cup of tea. Fortunately Mr. Gaiman himself is reading the book, and I admittedly would buy a car stereo owners manual to listen to him read!

    This book is classic Gaiman, interesting characters and the unbelievable presented in a matter of fact and believable way. Gaiman lends credibility to the story, by reading the story in the way he had written. “Bod”, the lead in this story is well developed and an interesting cast of characters surround him.

    I gave this book 5 stars and my only criticism of the book is it is too short!

  34. Elmo Slonaker

    A Matched Set
    How wonderful it is to hear an author’s words read they way he heard them in his own head. Gaiman’s narration is right up there with the best readers in audio books, no doubt about it. I loved the book, but have to caution parents that, although it is presented as “Children’s Book” it is not for young children, and it is certainly a fantastic book for adults. I wish more authors had the ability at characterization, inflection and pacing that Gaiman has, but alas, his is a rare quality. I enjoyed this book so much I immediately bought “Neverwhere”, which is every bit as good. I can’t wait for more from this author/performer.

  35. Riley Candland

    Beautiful Book
    I am a retired man. I thought this book was charming, had great imagery, mystery, and the performance was excellent. The Graveyard Book is definitely not just for children.

  36. Gayle Rehrer

    A Ghost Story that delivers!
    This is a lovely engaging ghost story with a twist. I read it while pulling weeds in the garden and became so distracted by the story that I found myself sitting and staring at the weeds. The characters are charming and teach the new rules of graveyards. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t wish to give it away, but Mr. Gaiman mixes ghosts, ancient gods, ghouls, humans and other fantastic creatures to weave a tale of good vs. evil and coming of age. The narration, by the author, is excellent. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read, I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good ghost story.

  37. Arlie Ellwood

    Thanks to service.com I have discovered yet another author, New Gaiman. What an enjoyable book. The book was wonderful right up the very end. This is one of those books you do not want to end. Listening to the narration by Gaiman made it even more enjoyable The music that was included added to the delightful experience.

    While listening to the narration I had a very clear picture of each character, the environment and action as it was taken place. It was like watching a movie. I do not believe there has been a movie made of this book. If not, it sure is a good candidate.

    I purchase three hard copies. One for my bookshelf, one copy for my 50 year old son, who has a PHD in molecular biology and reads for enjoyment every chance he can. He loved the Harry Potter books, but did not know about Gaiman. And one copy for my 16 yr old grandson, who is always looking for a good book to read. Every family that loves to read should have this one on their bookshelf.

  38. Santiago Surminec

    Unexpected gem – for adults too!
    This audiobook starts off with a chorus of children welcoming the listener to service children’s books. That was a shock – I didn’t realize this was for kids! But I decided to give it a go anyways. I must congratulate myself for this decision. The book is wonderful, and Gaiman’s narration makes it sweeter still.

    The drama begins right from the start and never lets up. The characters are interesting and skillfully revealed. The premise and environment are imaginative and intriguing. In some ways, I found this book similar to _Labyrinth_ by Kate Moss, but more gripping and tightly woven. It also has elements from _The DaVinci Code_ and even the Harry Potter series. What a bubbling cauldron of tasty flavors!

  39. Elia Vickery

    A Children’s Story for Adults
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this story, but it’s a bit too intense for young children; it starts with the stabbing murder of a young family… Having said that, I’ve found it to be a wonderfully entertaining story for me and have listened to it three times already. I highly recomend it, just not for anyone under 12 or 13.

  40. FanB14

    Where does The Graveyard Book rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  41. Garrett Pereiro

    This book was a blast.
    Creepy and innovative, this is an original story, well written and beautifully performed by the author. Highly recommended.

  42. DG Thompson

    “Wow” just sums it up. Neil Gaiman’s writing never disappoints. Normally, I prefer to listen to business books and read pleasure books, allowing the pictures in my head to be mine and not a narrator’s. I purchased this one on a whim. What a good choice! Gaiman’s reading provides an entirely new dimension to his story. Always entertaining, we are now fortunate to hear the story with the same intention and point of view with which it was written. The cadence of his voice combines with an endearing gentleness and an original story to create a grand listening experience. A master storyteller makes all the difference.

  43. Merrill Madeira

    An All-Time Favourite
    This is the story of Nobody Owens, who as a baby, crawls out of his crib and make his way to the nearby graveyard one night, thereby narrowly escaping sure death while his parents and sister are murdered by the sinister Man Jack. The graveyard is ancient and abandoned, but is nonetheless teeming with ‘life’ (so to speak), since the ghosts of all those who were buried there throughout the centuries and millennia rise from their tombs and socialize with each other at night-time. Almost as soon as he arrives there, Baby Bod (short for Nobody) is adopted by the Owens, who in life never managed to have children of their own, and the couple positively dote on the boy. As the only live inhabitant of the cemetery, he is given the run of the place and soon befriends most of the spirits he comes across. Bod grows up to be a curious, smart, and thoughtful boy. When he meets a woman accused of witchcraft who has long been buried in an unmarked grave outside the consecrated grounds, he risks breaking the supreme rule of never crossing the graveyard gates to go pawn a treasure so he can get her a headstone bearing her name, and gets into a whole lot of trouble in the process. When he eventually convinces his caretakers to let him go to school, he confront the class bullies and terrorizes them into leaving their evil ways by using tricks he has learned from his graveyard companions.

    I found it impossible not to like Bod, and was cheering him on throughout this wickedly fun and clever tale, filled with adventure and peopled with a cast of eccentrics and weirdos. This was my first Neil Gaiman book and my only problem with it was that it eventually had to end. Gaiman is a fantastic narrator, and I often heartily recommend this version even to people who don’t normally listen to audiobooks. It’s now part of my limited all-time favourites collection, and I already look forward to listening to it all over again.

  44. Abram Akiona

    Short, Simple, Sweet: a wonderful book
    I could not call this a great book but easily I rate it a wonderful one. Some of the reviewers commented on the violence. I abhor violence and one of the reasons I liked the book so much had to do with its minimal violence. The description of a violent act in the very beginning leaves more to the reader’s imagination than to the words of the narrator. The hero, Bod is totally nonviolent. He never threatens and hardly even defends. He allows the villains to do themselves in. Scary goules and ghosts? I think not. They are pretty much all loving and caring souls.

    Throughout the book I considered whether this was a book for children. As an adult, I certainly enjoyed it and believe many children would also. Hansel and Gretel now that’s violent and horrific. Little Red Riding Hood? That’s perverted and violent. None of that here… just a delightful story in which good completely triumphs over evil… or better yet, evil does-in evil. And to top it all off, the narration was excellent.

    Star-wise I find the book difficult to rate. For what it is I would rate the book 5 stars. Compared to all books in general maybe only 4. In Netflix, 4 stars means “I really liked it.” That settles it.

  45. Yetta Lucio

    Deserving of all the accolades it has been receiving. I’m a Gaiman fan, and I think that this is one of his best, more approachable than much of his other stuff. And this is Gaimen’s best narration. If all author’s could narrator their own work like this, many voice actors would be out of a job.

    In regards to the harry potter/lotr comparisons that i have read in many of the reviews here, this story is more akin to The Alchemist than either of the other stories in my opinion. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed unless you are the kind of person that is always disappointed.

  46. Isreal Mortis

    Worth every bit of it’s praise!!!
    This is one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Not only is the story itself clever, dark, witty and engaging, but the reading by Mr. Gaiman is impeccably delivered and flawless in it’s conveyance of the overall mood of the tale. In one fell swoop, this story manages to funny, endearing, terrifying, goth and historical (in it’s own peculiar way). The characters are richly developed, wholly engaging and, for this anglophile, beautifully read into life. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  47. Orlando Bannett

    MUCH better then last years winner
    Whaa Hoooo

    I have saved this review for a good reason.

    Congratulations Neil Gaiman for winning HANDS DOWN the service book of the year!!!!!

    What A shame that service did not comment on this remarkable achievement. Winning this event with out any real competition should tell you all you need to know about this book. Mr. Gaiman dose not write “cookie” cutter books.

    His type of writing has not been seen in a long time. Concise, to the point, and riddled with humor.

    The Graveyard Book is about a murder and a small boy that is raised in a graveyard, by ghoasts. Mr. Gaiman tells a storey that is so believable that at the end you do believe that this is not only possible but plausible.

    Thanks for this great book.

  48. Nan Arons

    The Wonderful Dead
    Good book with interesting characters. A fun, outside of the box plot and I thought the “it takes a village”, message was a nice touch. A clean book for kiddos but the beginning maybe a little rough, it may be dropped or changed without much bother. I have thought about it a few times since I read it because it was such an original story.

  49. Alonso Carlock

    I wanted it to continue
    I loved this book. The narration was superb. I didn’t want it to end. I hope we hear more from Bod in the future.

  50. Arron S.

    A YA Title for Particularly Twisted YAs
    What made the experience of listening to The Graveyard Book the most enjoyable?

  51. Charley Sojda

    Neil Gaiman doesn’t disappoint
    When a friend asked me describe this book without giving anything away I knew the perfect way to describe it. “It’s called the Graveyard Book. Like the the Jungle Book and it’s by Neil Gaiman.”
    The story itself is very well written. Showing Bod as a growing boy living in a very diverse community. For all the weirdness of the story it is reminiscent of growing up anywhere. The mythology in the story is also entertaining. Next time I’m in a graveyard I’ll find myself looking for the ghoul-gate.

  52. Delmar Mcinturf

    Another wonderful book from Neil Gaiman
    I love that he reads his own books! The Graveyard Book is another brilliant tale, I loved it even more than Stardust!

  53. Marilynn Kornn

    Enthralling from Start to Finish
    I doubt I’ve heard a better audiobook, Neil Gaiman’s narration is brilliant and kept me up very late two nights running.

  54. Sybil Riso

    Great for kids, not so great for adults….
    I’m in my 20’s and this book didn’t sound that great to me as other reviewers. Some of the earlier chapters were absolutely boring for e.g. the encounter with ghouls. First few hours into the book felt like days. Anyways, neil gaiman did a great job narrating the book and the end was very well done. Would make a great read for kids and teens. I would definitely recommend this to my younger cousins.

  55. Janice

    The other Boy Who Lived
    What a wonderful story. Something for everyone – adventure, mystery, humor, creepiness. Enjoyable for adults in the way of the best literature for young people such as Peter Pan, Harry Potter and (not surprisingly) The Jungle Book. Good coming-of-age stories remind us grown-ups of who we once were and of the dreams and hopes we once had for ourselves and our belief that we could accomplish anything – before the “real world” teaches us not to believe in magic anymore. Gaiman is a Pied Piper of storytelling for all ages, and as always gives voice to his creations as no one else could. The added musical interludes enhanced the atmosphere. I long to know what Bod’s life became, but suspect that a sequel would not really be in order. Better to let us imagine.

  56. Nereida P.

    A Scratch for the Itch in my Brain
    I listen, spellbound and mesmerized, with a smile of delight plastered across my face. What fun this book is, aptly described by so many as magical, the characters bloomed to full life inside my head, and it felt as if it were a soothing and satisfying scratch to an itch at the very top of my brain. Don’t do as I did, and hem and haw about whether you will like this, you will LOVE it, and your imagination will thank you.

  57. Mozell Hescock

    Well written, well performed .. great surprise
    This book certainly contradicts the adage that authors make terrible readers of their own books: Neil Gaiman did an incredible job presenting us with “Bod” and his “friends.” Touted as a “kids book” I think it’s a definite for “kids” of all ages.

  58. Michal Morken

    Excellent Book
    Neil Gaiman does a great job narrating this excellent novel. I have never read the jungle book but I think this book would do Rudyard Kipling proud.

  59. Teofila Blankinship

    Wonderful story for any age!
    If you could sum up The Graveyard Book in three words, what would they be?

  60. Anisha Terman

    Great for All Ages
    I know this is an award-winning children’s/young adult book, but that should not stop anyone of any age from enjoying it. The graveyard setting and the (mostly) deceased characters may seem odd choices, but the book has real depth and heart as well as suspense. Sometimes I have thought that Neil Gaiman is not the best narrator of his own work, but here the combination is perfect. I couldn’t recommend it more.

  61. Sydney Selig

    Glad I didn’t think it just for kids!
    What did you love best about The Graveyard Book?

  62. Naomi

    A Sweet Bit of Horror
    Murder is horrific, and this story is about murder. It is also about death, love, redemption.

    I am not a fan for horror stories, and so it was with trepidation I downloaded this book. To my surprise, Gaiman is a wonderful reader, and the story is a delightful fantasy – an adult fairy tale – and the two combined were an incredibly rich auditory and imaginary experience.

    Download it – you won’t regret it!

  63. Korey Pemberton

    First Gaiman book, and very happy
    This was the first book I’ve listened to from this author, and I was very happy to find this gem.

    It started out a little rocky for me, as it was like mish mash of biblical style descriptions, dribbled in with some meaningless quip. I thought I picked a doozy. Luckily, this didn’t last too long and the story took off.

    Character development was rich, and full of lots of different characters. Story line was about as wonderful and unique as you can possibly have it without seeming manic.

    Every time the characters got into a situation, I never, ever figured out what was going to happen. This fact made Gaiman a great author. He was able to make such a wonderful story, without trying to shoe horn originality for originalitys’ sake.

    I was also shocked to see that Gaiman himself narrated. It was done so well, and the voices he used for each character obviously matched perfectly with them, that it made the story that much more enjoyable. I have since listened to other Gaiman stories, but this is still my favorite.

    If you are an avid listener or reader of books, and feel at times it’s hard to find a truly original story, this is the book for you.

  64. Kirby Houpt

    Good read even for adults
    Neil Gaiman has never disappointed me. This book was almost as good as Neverwhere. Neverwhere was more exciting because the story was not set in just one place. And it was longer – so you get more of him! I think I will try some of his other books now. Neil Gaiman is also a fantastic narrator. He helps make the experience. You just fall into the stories and it’s hard to come back to reality.

  65. Giuseppe Oldaker

    While this book is meant for younger readers than me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now that I have kids of my own, I can use the excuse that I’m previewing books for them, and I guess I really am – I have actually added this to the list I’m keeping of books that I’ll be buying for them when they’re old enough (along with titles like Ender’s Game, The Foundling’s Tale series, The Bartimaeus books, Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, The Discworld books, etc.).

    The stories in this book are really well written. You might think stories about a boy brought up by ghosts in a graveyard because his parents were murdered when he was a baby might sound…a little dark. But they are really well done and quite fun and entertaining. I’d have given another half-star if I could.

  66. Darryl R.

    Gaiman reading Gaiman: Always a win
    Would you listen to The Graveyard Book again? Why?

  67. SciFi Fantasy Fan

    Great story, author is a great narrator
    This is a great book! I was leary when I saw that he was narrating his own book. He was wonderful. He should narrate all of his books.

  68. Eneida Steckman

    I got a little worried when I started this book. Before the book got started I heard several small children sing in unison “This is a book from service kids”. I thought this might be a childrens book and that I messed up and ordered it.” This was a terrific book, and one that I would put up in the top 5 that I have listened to so far. Well told and kept me interested the entire way through, I so hope that Bod and his “family” make a return in a second book!

  69. Vince Kralik

    Neil Gaiman brought this book to life! He is a marvelous reader, and the book was very well done too. Although I am an adult, this would be a fun book to listen to with your teenage kids on a long car ride. I believe it would be frightening for younger kids.

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