[Download] The Godsend of River Grove By Rob Summers

The Godsend of River Grove

By: Rob Summers
Length: 288 pages
Release date: Nov 23, 2013
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River Grove Community Church voted out elder Ollie Fulborne, who was under suspicion of heresy and of sexually harassing a young teenage girl. But Ollie had been the driving force behind the church. Now, two years later, with numbers dwindling and church debt piling up, the people are considering allowing him to return to his former authority. Church member Hila Grant is dead set against Ollie’s return. This intelligent, lovely, and remote twenty-eight year old is willing to use even questionable methods to remind the congregation of his record and rouse them against him. Will her efforts be wasted, or will she be—in some sense—a Godsend?

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