[Download] The Glass Galleon By Brian Lambert

The Glass Galleon

By: Brian Lambert
Length: 247 pages
Release date: Sep 8, 2013
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Steam power has brought many benefits to the citizens of Her Majesty’s Britannic Empire, but also enemies jealous of her supremacy. Several times her military might has been tested, and each time she has prevailed.
But now with the warships and armed war-blimps of her old enemy massing in the North Sea, Britain is facing its greatest time of peril – warfare of an unprecedented scale is poised to be unleashed.
The mysterious and black-hearted Olivia is behind the smuggling of guns and ammunition into London to fuel internal riots and aid invasion, but most importantly of all the theft of Britain’s ultra-secret stealth ship, codenamed Glass Galleon.
With her plans coming to fruition why has she ordered a stealth-blimp be sent into the thick fog of a night-time London? Why would she need to kidnap Samuel and Clara, the children of a minor civil servant? Has it anything to do with what was seen by a transatlantic blimp that was blown off-course in the deepest North Atlantic Ocean?
But what can she hope a myth can achieve against Britain’s Royal Navy?

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