[Download] The Genius and the Muse By Elizabeth Hunter

The Genius and the Muse

By: Elizabeth Hunter
Length: 282 pages
Release date: Apr 26, 2012
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Every love story is a unique work of art.

Kate Mitchell was the most talented photography graduate of Foothill Art Institute in over a decade. Driven. Passionate. Obsessive. Not since the famous Reed O’Connor had a student inspired so much praise.

Which was fine by Kate. O’Connor was her photographic idol, even if he was a mercurial recluse. But new insight into an old photograph leads Kate down a rabbit hole of discovery, inspiration, and betrayal.

Tracking down O’Connor means talking to his college friends, which means interviewing Javier Lugo. The cranky sculptor might be O’Connor’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean he’ll give a nosy student the time of day. Javi’s too old to bother making friends with amateurs, even amateurs he reluctantly admires.

The Genius and the Muse is a stand-alone contemporary romance by USA Today bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter.

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