[Download] The Fury and the Terror By John Farris

The Fury and the Terror

By: John Farris
Length: 626 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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The United States is besieged by terrorists who are working from within the White House itself to overthrow the government. They have frightening weapons at their disposal, not the least of which are techniques of mind control undreamed of even a decade ago.

Graduation day at the University of California at Shasta. Eden Waring, star athlete and valedictorian, is about to address fellow graduates and family members in the school's stadium when she is overwhelmed by a terrible premonition: a DC-10, as yet unseen, is going to crash where they all have assembled.

Eden's warning and subsequent actions save many lives and transform her own life. Soon Eden is on the run, pursued by the powerful covert agency known as MORG, by a lover whom she can no longer trust, and by the obsessed, tormented man who was married to Gillian Bellaver, the mother Eden never knew.

Possessed by powers Gillian did not have, powers that Eden has always repressed, she is forced to realize her true psychic potential, that of an Avatar. In order to save her own life and the lives of millions of Americans, she must track a complex plot from the rangeland of Montana to the deep South and ultimately to the Oval Office.

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