[Download] The Five of Us: The Beginnings By Sean Conway

The Five of Us: The Beginnings

By: Sean Conway
Length: 350 pages
Release date: Sep 27, 2013
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Five teenagers from the rough streets of Brooklyn, New York discover a mysterious new power. Each of them wants to learn where the new power came from while being hunted by the NYPD, gangs throughout New York, and Secret Agencies. In each journey they will battle with street thugs, soldiers of fortune, different array of monsters and themselves. Each will learn the value of decision-making and how each choice made affects everyone around them

Main Characters

Richard The Thinker

Richard who is the smartest in the school uses his new telekinesis, and mind reading powers to find out what happen to his mother who went missing a year ago.

Marcus The Tank
Marcus a down south native who loves football is trying to fit in to his new surrounding. He discovers a power which makes him virtually unbeatable since his new power gives him a various amount of ways to be offensive and defensive
Jacob The Blender
Jacob an on again off again criminal uses his new power to plan a bank heist

Will The Cloner
Will is a rich kid gone broke and now needs try to fit in. With no friends he uses his new cloner ability to fit in but is getting him into more trouble then he anticipated.

Terrence The Flyer
Terrence is the jock, ladies man, best friend of Richard, and hates Will's guts. One of the few who makes Will feel out of place. Terrence's new power of flight, strength and healing is not only put to use while he's on the basketball court but opens his eyes on how to express his feelings.

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