[Download] The Entrepreneur's Toolkit By Raymond Kenneth Kaelin

The Entrepreneur's Toolkit

By: Raymond Kenneth Kaelin
Length: 151 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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For those who find their “Right Fit” in career life will be owning a business; this toolkit will give step by step instructions on how to establish your business as an ongoing concern – quickly and efficiently.

It will give you clear direction on how to “Inc Yourself!” by following a step by step guide learning where to begin, how to set yourself up for success and finally, how to get the minutiae out of the way to unleash your effectiveness and start making money.

It will show how you can:
(1). Define your ideas with four quick start exercises
(2). Translate your ideas into action plans
(3). Translate your plans into ‘doable’ tasks
(4). Translate your tasks into critical milestones over a timeline
(5). Make your milestones add up to accomplishment of your goal of being “Inc.”

I will give you tools and guidance to manage yourself, your cash flow and your business. In addition, I’ll provide you with detailed examples of business plans, financial tools and strategic planning templates

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