[Download] The Enemy Stalks By Betty Sullivan La Pierre

The Enemy Stalks

By: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Length: 290 pages
Release date: May 17, 2000
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Agent Jim Anderson has retired from the Agency due to an eye injury he acquired after seeking revenge against his wife’s killers. He’s found all but the ring leader, Dick Hendersen. When he leaves the Agency, he’s given a new identity: Tom Casey, Private Investigator. He moves to the remote Copco Lake in northern California, where his ability to heal injured hawks earns him the nickname Hawkman by the local residents. There he meets, Jennifer Morgan, a young widow.
Dick Henderson is the double agent who killed Jim’s wife. By a stroke of luck, Dirk learns about Jim’s new identity and begins his ruthless pursuit to get rid of his formal rival by sending in his hired guns. When that fails, he goes in himself, using Jennifer in his relentless desire to kill the Hawkman.

Together, the Hawkman and Jennifer struggle against snipers, bombs, failed brakes and other harrowing dangers as they try to stay one step ahead of Dirk.

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