[Download] The Encourager By D. K. Graham

The Encourager

By: D. K. Graham
Length: 189 pages
Release date: Dec 18, 2013
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Katie Clark discovered her parents’ bodies when she returned home from a late night session going over college applications at the high school where she worked as a counselor. They had been shot to death by an unknown assailant.

In total shock and grief, she quit her job at the end of the school year and moved to Snow’s Lake, a small town several hours west of the city. She moved in with her aunt and uncle, and was befriended by handsome Jeff Shores during her first week in the small town.

The story follows Katie and Jeff during their quest to find out why a newcomer to the small village had seemingly targeted Katie with terrifying messages. As the couple built their relationship with each other, they found out that several people in Katie’s former life were not who she thought they were. The murderer of her parents came as a total shock and surprise to her. The surprising ending gives the reason for her forgiveness and encouragement of the assailant.

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