[Download] The Eleven By R. Blair Sands

The Eleven

By: R. Blair Sands
Length: 216 pages
Release date: Sep 20, 2013
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Strange powers can be used in many ways. A young girl begins to discover her metaphysical powers, one at a time, and grows up learning to use them wisely. After graduating from college, she decides she wants to use her powers for the good of mankind.

Politicians make her want to use her powers, and as the story proceeds, she gains a partner, then shortly thereafter, gains nine more partners, all of which have many and varied special powers.

The nine off-worlders were targeted by the highest political offices, and were sent to die, but were warned by their two newcomers, and managed to escape their death.

It is decided that all eleven will band together and set the world right, and you won't believe what they can do to politicians who need a little correcting. It's a tough life for the politicians, and gangs, and border wars to the south. The fact that the nine who were saved were from a spaceship, orbiting above gave the group even more abilities whenever they needed them.

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