[Download] The Doorway By Dylan Robert Tauber

The Doorway

By: Dylan Robert Tauber
Length: 471 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 1925
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"The Doorway" is the second book in the Double Mirrors anthology.
It is an autobiographical account of the continued spiritual journey that led Dylan Tauber to discover his theory of Ones and Zeros, the origin of the universe, and the nature of love as the defining force in all that exists.
The Ones and Zeros theory came to Dylan Tauber while he was in wired Jerusalem seclusion at the turn of the millennium. "The Doorway" is written in a conversational informal style of writing that suited this chronology beginning with the book "Double Mirrors." The last half of the book is more of a journal, and culminates with an escape to a Pacific island where Dylan could work without distraction, and also relates other travels throughout the South Pacific, Central, and South America, swims with dolphins, and even an adventure with a hula dancer named Eve.

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