[Download] The Doctor Rocks the Boat By Robin Hathaway

The Doctor Rocks the Boat

By: Robin Hathaway
Length: 232 pages
Release date: Apr 1, 2007
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Like so many of Dr. Fenimore's adventures, trouble starts with a harmless idea.

From his train window, the good doctor sees a single shell gliding on the surface of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, an image that stirs up fond memories of his rowing days. Rowing had been the perfect antidote to the hectic rush of medical school, and he wonders why he ever gave it up. He could also use some exercise, as Jennifer, his significant other, broadly hints. So with renewed dedication, he goes knocking on the office door at Boathouse Row to reenroll as a member of the Windsor Club.

Charlie Ashburn, whom Dr. Fenimore knows from medical school, is running the club, and they catch up on lost time. Charlie's son, Chuck, is a great rower and is currently training for the big regatta. Talking about Chuck makes Charlie swell with pride, but it makes Fenimore a little uneasy. Charlie was an incredibly talented rower himself but had to give it up because of a serious heart condition.

Dr. Fenimore doesn't enjoy his membership for very long before he finds himself drawn into an Ashburn family problem. Charlie's wife comes to his office in secret and begs him to talk to Charlie about getting their son checked out by a doctor. To Dr. Fenimore's surprise, Charlie has been refusing to face the possibility that Chuck might have inherited the same heart defect he has. The doctor agrees to help, and his well-intentioned efforts put his own life at risk.

In this fifth Fenimore episode, Robin Hathaway captures Philadelphia's exciting rowing scene and proves once again that when this doctor is in, it's great fun for all.

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