[Download] The Dew Chronicles By Joshua R.W.

The Dew Chronicles

By: Joshua R.W.
Length: 349 pages
Release date: Sep 7, 2013
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Life is a journey. Just like a droplet of water finding its way home back to the vast ocean. Through clouds, mountains, and rivers. The Divine Spark within each of us also seeks Its way home. Through time and space and through numerous lifetimes. Countless dots forming infinite line, always seeking to get closer to the One, and to unite with It.

This journey takes us from infinity to infinity. From the coldest depth of space, from the place where the stars were born. Climbing the freezing snowy mountains, trekking the thickest jungles, scouting the heat of the deserts. Through our glorious deeds and grievous mistakes, we face our own veil of darkness, just to pierce it through and see the Light. Just to find that the Light within us, is merely a reflection of the Light of others.

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