[Download] The Dark Lady's Stone By Christie Maurer

The Dark Lady's Stone

By: Christie Maurer
Length: 453 pages
Release date: Sep 11, 2013
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In this well-researched medieval fantasy, when the High Priest to the god of Fire and Light commands destruction of the Dark Lady of Death’s Standing Stone and purification of Her cave on the shores of a wilderness lake in the far north, the young troubadour, Sir Loriano of Vayne, does not anticipate that his proposed epic poem of the battle between Light and Dark will place him on a sword’s edge between rival gods. Only a shaman storyteller knows the lost road to the Stone and Loriano is the only one he trusts. Accustomed to entertain for his countess's pleasure, Loriano must guide the mission from the dying forests of the far north, across an open tundra, to the lake where he learns that Lady Death is not as he was taught. He risks death by fire to keep the priests from igniting a catastrophe for both gods and men and bring justice to the ghosts of ancient warriors.

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