[Download] The Damned Twins By Sebastian H. Alive

The Damned Twins

By: Sebastian H. Alive
Length: 181 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2014
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It said on the 03rd day before ides, before the first frost of winter reaches the land the blood of your ruler will stain the earth

One brother consumed by hatred and fuelled by anger and the other living a life of forced solitude driven by guilt and haunted by his family's own legacy but their paths are inexorably linked. The already fractious relationship between the Corshans and the Vaisalans is deepened further when a hand-delivered letter is received at the council chambers heralding the start of a brutal war. Deep within the Gadgrian woodland, far away from any other settlers and shunned by his own people a tracker lives out his days until the chief councillor of Gadgria pleads with him to find the threat to the Kingdom and nullify it. For Lambarton it is an act of redemption to escape his haunted past until he learns that his brother Calais, who was presumed dead is alive and where his brother travels blood and death follows. For one it the chance to save the lives of thousands in the knowledge that a war is coming and only he can stop it and the other it is the resolution of a bitter feud that will only be satisfied by blood.

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