[Download] The Corner of First and Myth By Crystal Carroll

The Corner of First and Myth

By: Crystal Carroll
Length: 304 pages
Release date: Jul 8, 1997
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The City is a place where all mythologies and folklore mingle and mix. It is the mother of Cities. The rainbow serpent bridge may turn into a serpent again during rush hour commute (and isn't *that* annoying). While the red brick road spirals out through parts of itself that the City has discarded. The City sprawls across space. It condenses on an island.

The living dead roam the mall, which makes it difficult to run a shop. A goddess of nature wanders traffic searching for her missing daughter. Snow White runs a mining company, while the Lamia runs a resort. Inanna wants to know who will pay for what's been done.

Take a walk on the mythological side of the street with fourteen stories that bend myths and jay walk from time to time. Just be careful not to look Medusa in the eyes.

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