[Download] The Corma Incident By Heath Owen

The Corma Incident

By: Heath Owen
Length: 452 pages
Release date: Sep 28, 2013
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (72 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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Dan Brimly enjoyed the seclusion of space mining because it allowed him time to work on his inventions. His life takes a drastic turn when he takes a transport job for a corporate giant by the name of After All Inc. Through a series of seemingly random and bizarre twists and turns, he briefly visits a place in the future he never would have expected. Now he must find a way to stop the corporate giant from stealing his inventions, and save billions of innocent lives in the process. Through this action packed adventure, new friendships are created, and a love interest is sparked.

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