[Download] The College Question: Why College (As We Know It) Isn't Working For The Millennial Generation By Alex Bitterman

The College Question: Why College (As We Know It) Isn't Working For The Millennial Generation

By: Alex Bitterman
Length: 182 pages
Release date: Sep 11, 2013
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> College is not the answer for every high school student.
> College costs more this year than ever before.

> A college degree no longer guarantees a successful career.
The rising cost of higher education is leading American colleges and universities to an uncertain future. Led by unprecedented crises in cost and demand, along with rapidly changing technology, the coming upheaval will change American colleges and universities and will shape the future lives and careers of Millennial generation students.

Surveying generational, economic, and educational trends, The College Question examines the current state of higher education in America and questions the feasibility and relevance of a college education for Millennial students.

Written by a university professor with over a decade of personal experience teaching college students, The College Question gives answers to important questions that parents and students want to know.

Controversial, thoroughly researched, and informative, The College Question
teaches parents and students to investigate the American college landscape, avoid common mistakes, and find the best answer to The College Question for every perspective college student.

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