[Download] The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty By Anne Rice

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

By: Anne Rice
Narrated by: Genvieve Bevier
Length: 4 hours
Release date: Jul 27, 2004
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (968 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

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From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquleaure. In the traditional folktale of 'Sleeping Beauty,' the spell cast upon the lovely young princess and everyone in her castle can only be broken by the kiss of a Prince. It is an ancient story, one that originally emerged from and still deeply disturbs the mind's unconscious. Now Anne Rice's retelling of the Beauty story probes the unspoken implications of this lush, suggestive tale by exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire. Here the Prince reawakens Beauty, not with a kiss, but with sexual initiation. His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Beauty's complete and total enslavement to him…as Anne Rice explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a classic that becomes, with her skillful pen, a compelling experience.

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56 Responses to “[Download] The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty By Anne Rice”

  1. Mark Autullo

    Love Anne Rice! You never know what to expect next
    I could not put it down! For many reasons! love the characters and story line, can’t wait to read the next book

  2. Customer

    This is NOT Erotica!
    It is crap! It is more along the lines of a dime store dirty book. Erotica is something you read say with a partner to get the juices flowing. It has structure and a little class. It’s character are dream lovers. Not one man lasts over two strokes I think in the whole book. The women only wanted to beat the crap out of you. The characters are beyond shallow and the writing juvenile and very unimaginative. If you waste your time reading this crap, I hope you like the word penis, the author definitely didn’t have access to a thesarus. She uses it and only it throughout the entire book. If you like stories of 15-18 year old boys and girls being spanked or beat constantly, tortured, raped, humiliated and made to suffer from unrequited passion then this is the book for you. I hope though, for your sake, you don’t have that much time to kill on your hands.

  3. Joya Leetham

    New Look
    Definitely a perspective book. I do recommend. I suggest reading it with your partner. It will make the book more fun.

  4. Allena Khounthavong

    Pete and Repete were in a boat. Pete fell out.
    The story is pretty good unfortunately it keeps repeating itself over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I think you get the idea. and over.

  5. Brady Straube

    More based in humiliation than sensuality
    Tried to engage in the story but was constantly distracted by the humiliation of the main character. Greatly disappointed

  6. Hung Westphal

    Don’t waste your money, or token
    I am not a prude, but this was just pointless, stupid and made to make a buck.

  7. Norberto Fonohema

    truly disappointing!
    I am a huge Ann Rice fan. I knew that this was a smut book and was really interested in how she would handle this genre with her deep skill of period research and attention to detail. all I can say is if you are into page after page of spanking bdsm this book is for you. there is little else in this book.

  8. Rey Tenholder

    I’m into BDSM and this is just a blah book to me. No content at all really. I was bored, I actually returned this book due to lack of interest.

  9. Antwan Alexion

    Great start to the series
    Great story….every page is steamy. The degradation was a bit over the top for my taste.

  10. Candis R.

    The narrator is awful!
    Like listening to Ben Stein reading erotica out loud. Horrible!! No emotion.. all monotone. I couldn’t make it past chapter 3! Find someone who can narrate with some energy and enthusiasm, and it would be 100% better!!

  11. Rachel Daggett

    would’ve preferred a reader with more sultry voice
    I did enjoy this very much. It was tantalizing and seductive with a fair amount of edge.

  12. Toby Jardine

    Just started getting into these types of books thanks to a friend and this book is AMAZING! Having only read the first book, there are a few things in the story that could be adjusted to make it a little more appealing but that in no way makes this story any less than AMAZING!

  13. Dalton Echternach

    don’t waste your time.
    I tried to give this book a chance, but not worth it. could not even finish.

  14. Ernesto Hogrefe

    Any additional comments?

  15. Wei Shorey

    not really your classical bdsm
    I really can’t say this book was erotica as much as it was just cruel. it was not two consenting adults in a mutual agreement but punish punish punish

  16. David Freeth

    My first S&M listen.
    I have been tortured for real. It was no fun and not sexually arousing. I guess I just don’t understand why others might feel it is. Perhaps because it is a fantasy. Well, obviously it was good to learn that what others may enjoy is not for me. I only hope that no one confuses their fantasy with the reality of the actual pain of human degradation.

  17. Gerry V.

    Ummm…not what I expected.
    What would have made The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty better?

  18. Dusty Francey

    I can’t rememberThe last time I wrote a review but this is an awful book don’t waste your time

  19. Vonda Lovstad

    This story has absolutely no redeeming qualities.
    Would you try another book from Anne Rice and/or Samantha Prescott and Corbin Steele ?

  20. Earl Fleischmann

    What did you like best about The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty? What did you like least?

  21. Mike Pietschman

    Any additional comments?

  22. Errol K.

    Too much.
    Honestly, I struggled to finish this. As a huge fan of Anne Rice, I’m disappointed. This book was unbearably repetitive, and gross at times. While I do like a bit of rough erotica, the spanking was excessive. I felt like I was hearing of it every other sentence. That, and the idea of shoes or flies near anyone’s genitals made me cringe. The idea was there, the concept could have gone a long way, but I’m not going to be finishing this trilogy.

  23. Erwin Adelman

    Was there a story in there?
    It’s Anne Rice. Being that it was Anne Rice who wrote this I had decently high expectations. Those expectations crashed to the ground around the third chapter when any foreseeable story line started vanishing.
    The characters, mainly Beauty, were so underdeveloped. She went from waking up (in a pretty freaking traumatic way for a girl stuck at age 15) to instantly being in love with her abusive rescuer. I understood this was to be an allegory, but it was pretty terrible. Prince Alexi was slightly more believable in his traumatic introduction to their world, but Beauty was not.
    Also, why is this a three book series? Truthfully, I didn’t bother to listen to the last chapter. Alexi’s story took up so much time that I found myself losing interest in the telling of it. There was little or no interaction between the characters through the 2 chapters it took. And the word Delicious was used over and over and over.
    The whole thing felt like an excuse to write sex scenes as shocking and depraved as possible, without actually committing to a real story or development of the characters involved.
    Maybe a story begins to emerge in the last two books, but I don’t feel committed enough to any of the characters to waste my time finding out. That’s a real shame because the content and theme had a really amazing potential to rip out some pretty serious realistic and true emotions, rather than the convoluted ones the characters expressed in the face of their trauma.

  24. Hung Austerberry

    not your average fairy tale
    This alternate fairy tale is anything but. It contains humiliation, beatings, rape and other submission techniques all in the name of creating more rounded prince and princesses. It is definitely a darker read which i have heard goes on to be quite kinky. I will check out the next in the series but i have not been whole heartedly pulled in.

    Narration is great- Clear voices and clean production.

  25. Long Stepter

    Not anything like vampire chronicles
    I was appalled. Be sure you listen to sample before you buy. This is the only book in 5 years I every returned for refund.

  26. Will Sharbutt

    purest fantasy erotica ever
    I am a man and I love this series. Each book brings you further in. You’ll either love it or completely miss the point. It’s not about humiliation or pain. Its not 50 Shades of Grey which is rooted in reality. This is a fantasy. Readers must be willing and able to submit and suspend disbelief. Only upon accepting the premise of the story can one begin to relate to the characters and defeat all of the hang ups of the rational mind.

  27. Lyn Mette

    surprisingly overwhelming!
    this is the first time ive read an erotic book. to my surpise.. It did exactly what i assume the intention was lol. i was dropped into this world of mystery and pleasure. As someone apart of the BDSM community, I was very happy with everything i read from prologue to the very end. I even read it twice! lol. The only thing i didnt really like about it was some of the more brutal scenes in the book. There is alot of non-consent going on in this book and it made me a little uncomfortable at first. But overall.. an AMAZING read ?

  28. James

    I started to read the book but got busy running equipment so had to go to this option and loved it. I can’t wait for the second book.

  29. Dannie

    Beauty Book 1
    I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the book it turned out that I became so engulfed in the book that I didn’t want stop it just to go to bed

  30. Zack Stielau

    Don’t waste your time…
    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

  31. Isiah Seilhamer

    50 x’s better than 50 Shades
    Story can get quite erotic but a very good story . I was very drawn into the story . I cannot wait to hear the next book.

  32. Laurence Kwiecinski

    not for me
    I wouldn’t say it was horrible, instead, that it was not the kind of book for me.
    I thought every scenario was the same; there are spanking and description of the spank and pain in every sentence. I was confused here and there but try to understand the alternative of the story and the challenge of it.
    it gets boring, as I stated, same spanking scenario. If you want a heroine and a hero and fighting and adventure and love and romance, this won’t do.

  33. Hyman Assum

    But why???
    This is a very disappointing book from a author the i respect very much. Anne Rice is a very good writer but i found this novel to be a bit lazy, she relies on a lot of bdsm tropes and does not represent the genre accurately or artfully. Definitely a painful read. sad because the premise has a lot of promise but as a first book it doesn’t encourage any desire to continue the series. I got more than half way into the book and really tried to suffer through but couldn’t finish it.

  34. Toby Vrbka

    The story is great and was well read.
    I have read this book before and was happy to see that it was available on service. The narrator is very good and actually pleasing to listen to.

    This is a version of Sleeping Beauty that you momma never told you about. Beauty wasn’t awakened by a kiss, she was awakened by sex. And the Prince who awakened her, takes her as a sex slave! This book takes you on Beauty’s journey on learning about what is expected of her from her Prince. But that is not all. Beauty makes a decision that changes everything for her. It is a cliffhanger!!! You will have to buy all three books to be completely satisfied.

  35. Anonymous User

    loved it ! Couldn’t stop listening . reasders were great they sounded their parts perfect.

  36. Nigel Ju

    I wish she would stay asleep
    What disappointed you about The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty?

  37. Chance Troxel

    Don’t read unless you’re turned on by degredation
    I love Anne Rice and I couldn’t wait to read this but it is not what I expected at all. Rape, pedophelia, degradation – none of these things turn me on. On top of that the writing is really not that good and the female narrator was horrible, if Corbin Steele reads any of it, I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t get that far. It was angering, boring repetative and annoying all at the same time I couldnt finish it and returned it. Sorry Ann – so not my cup of tea.

  38. Sandy Germana

    If you like spankings
    This is a great book. Hard to stop listening. Gonna purchase the nect book now

  39. Norberto Sizar

    Would you try another book from Anne Rice and/or Samantha Prescott and Corbin Steele ?

  40. Jenifer Rathjen

    always a favorite
    always a favorite, could have had some make reading in appropriate areas for a vocal change

  41. Big Al

    Not what I enjoy
    Would you try another book from Anne Rice and/or Samantha Prescott and Corbin Steele ?

  42. Lakisha Iglehart

    This was a bit hard to take in as I’ve read it before. When listening, you can only think of how twisted the author is and can be glad but only wonder to be in the same position. Do I want to keep going, or do I stop and thank the Lord I’m not in their shoes? Either way this is not for the soft hearted.

  43. Anjelica P.

    What would have made The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty better?

  44. Eddie Billot

    This is NOT 50 Shades
    I could not get into this. I read all the 50 Shades Books but this gets into Humiliation and Degridation real fast.

  45. Deloras Kliem

    not the greatest
    I only finished this book because it is week before my next credits are avaible. the sex scenes were just mean. the story was boring with no real ending.

  46. Jonathan Beiswanger

    Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

  47. Anjelica Cousens

    wished it were better.
    i knew what i was getting into when i bought this book. But i was sad to find out that the story with all its sexual stylings lacked any sort of ryme or reason. and the main character fails to fallow up with her questions or lessons learned or taken in from another character. i found myself lost and confused at the end. i was really hoping it would be a better read as i love Anne Rice stories they never lack depth.

  48. Elfrieda Ferlic

    Found my mind drifting from the book often.
    It was, ok. It didn’t manage to keep my attention for long periods of time because it became monotonous at points. Most likely will not continue with the series. Not sure as yet.

  49. Jeff

    Empty and weak
    Narrator was quite good, a sexy voice. But the text is complete drivel. Weak erotica and and empty story. Compete waste of time.

  50. Jamey W.

    not my cup of tea
    tried to understand how this kind of humiliation and degradation would be acceptable in any circumstance and couldn’t find any. returned book before finishing and removed serials from wish list.

  51. Katie

    Waste of time
    This book was an utter waste of time. I kept thinking, it’s bound to get better right? It didn’t.
    The story was vapid and shallow. There was literally no depth to the characters…at all…like zero. I found myself rolling my eyes numerous times at the predictability and labored endeavor of this story. A complete and total waste of time and service credit.
    Lastly, the narration was mediocre.

  52. Lucas Lampman

    Claimed my Heart
    I am completely enamored with the book. Eloquent, sensual, lovely, and arousing beyond compare. Excellent.

  53. Dominique Flemons

    Too brutal for those seeking sexy/romantic erotica
    Would you try another book from Anne Rice and/or Samantha Prescott and Corbin Steele ?

  54. Tom Hupman

    Loved it!
    Intriguing and Passionate. So glad it was available in audio. Can’t wait for the next.

  55. Florida Cretsinger

    Apparently the only thing the author finds errotic is repeated spanking followed by additional paddling. The doms get angry and out of control. Not good bdsm reading. I quit half way through the book, finding nothing interesting, let alone arousing. Very disappointed.

  56. Lovie Ovens

    Not a fan of humiliation
    What would have made The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty better?

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