[Download] The Burnt Pancake By Jeff L. Jolin

The Burnt Pancake

By: Jeff L. Jolin
Length: 294 pages
Release date: Sep 6, 2013
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Being his family’s 1st born from Sioux City, Iowa circa 1955 Baby Boomer generation, Jeffrey matures and ascertains that he is “The Burnt Pancake” of his family; (after you burn the first one, the others turn out fine,) and he is the rebellious one, who “enlightens” family, friends and many loves, with his interesting “personalities” which illustrate a “collage” of expressions; of humor, encouragement and love, for all “Burnt Pancake” type people.

Often misunderstood while growing up in the surreal nexus counterculture of the 1970's, with wild excesses, including spirited and salacious stories all the way though his life.

Some Boomers never quite grow up, or fit in with the mainstream. Jeffrey Lee is an amusingly wild, dysfunctional character, yet always engaging, including his unique philosophies and perspectives of “living 2-lives large.” Seems like an odd yet appropriate metaphor for many like him, at the middle stage of life; the notion of a premature passing before attaining old age seems genuinely preposterous.

Being a divorced (and abandoned,) single dad who raised 2 daughters alone while balancing different careers, (including a “surprise-gig” of chauffeuring U2 for their first Denver Redrocks concert,) managed to not just survive, but also to thrive in the face of dealing with everything that arrives for many un-prepared single parents who are thrown into such a daunting task.

Inside, are meaningful and useful “survivor’s tips” for people who are experiencing the effects of cancer that are a must read. For people who have or may experience cancer, are not the cancer, but that your body is experiencing the effects of cancer, and must be addressed as such.

A funny, enlightening story about an ordinary guy living an extraordinary life; a life of rewards and risks, including a harrowing experience piloting a small plane with a mechanical collapse that engages 3 terrified souls on board one murky night in the Rocky Mountains. A story that where many pilots are not as lucky as I was, and I couldn't help thinking at the time what it would be like having my passengers "come through me!"

Intriguing relations with family, friends, acquaintances and loves (including 4 marriages,) that imparted worldly philosophies and beliefs into me about life, love and humanity; both positive and well, not so positive as you will enjoy reading about, (or be shocked by!)

After surviving cancer, I embrace ALL experiences that I am blessed with, as well as the triumphs and the tribulations, and to gain the valuable knowledge, gratitude, and acceptance from those spiritual understandings.

As George Bernard Shaw once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

I am still a youth.

Thoughts, Meditations, Affirmations, and Ramblings

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