[Download] The Book of Change: Loving vs. Evolving Relationships By Laurie Izzy

The Book of Change: Loving vs. Evolving Relationships

By: Laurie Izzy
Length: 175 pages
Release date: Sep 29, 2013
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Cause and effect is a universal law that applies to the topics found in the two first volumes of The Book of Change: Global Finances vs. The People and Environmental Issues vs. Politics.

We have witnessed how greed causes overspending which leads to debt, just as we’ve witnessed the mass consumption of natural resources - which has led to a contamination and depletion of our environments. Well, relationships are subject to the laws of cause and effect too.

Our thoughts influence how we feel. How we feel dictates our actions. Actions result in a further positive or negative outcome. The dynamics of any relationship are the same for you as it is for a Masai Warrior, an Indigenous/Aboriginal, an African American, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, European, Anglo, Mixed Race or Rainbow. Which ‘group’ you identify yourself with doesn’t matter - because what you really are is human. All the rest is just a costume for the role you came here to play.

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