[Download] The Black Family Crest and The Ruby Red Bloodstone By KC Bouma

The Black Family Crest and The Ruby Red Bloodstone

By: KC Bouma
Length: 292 pages
Release date: Jan 11, 2014
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A young D.C. history professor is lured to a cursed mythical island in the Mediterranean Sea, where he thinks he will be teaching Greek students American history. Within twenty-four hours, he has met all eleven professors, one of which is from New York City. Immediately, the two of them are drawn to each other by Elizabeth's fear and Markus's overwhelming need to protect her (but from what)? While... on a hike in the Black Forest, the professors become separated from their guide. That is when their dangerous quest for survival begins. Horrified, Elizabeth throws herself into Markus's arms. Before she knows it, fear turns into passion, passion into love. As the Black Forest comes alive, a strange Greek mythical creature begins stalking them, endangering their lives. Unexpectedly, a Guardian comes to their rescue, leading them on an adventurous quest to a magical place of beauty, where they learn the true reason why they both were lured to this strange, unknown island. That's when they learn their true purpose, and the real quest begins

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