[Download] The Bizarre Letters Of St John Morris By St John Morris

The Bizarre Letters Of St John Morris

By: St John Morris
Length: 229 pages
Release date: Nov 25, 2013
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To tread the path that Alice feared...
St John Morris likes to explore. Except the frontiers he challenges are not those of the jungles or the seas, nor even the outer reaches of space. Those paths are well trodden now. St John Morris likes to explore the last of the great territories, the ones we all fear, the ones we stumble upon then retreat lest we never find our way back. St John likes to explore the inside of his head. But this time he may have gone too far and like Alice before him, he faces a bewildering world with no apparent way home.
Tempted into this world not by the entreaties of a White Rabbit but by his psychologist, St John encounters an increasingly bizarre world where television celebrities hold the threads of Atropos and the devil demands poetry for safe passage. On a fantastical cruise ship he encounters a spade that demands he dig and this just may be the final route into the very darkest regions of the human mind.
St John Morris presents us with a profoundly dense and visceral vision of the world inside the unconscious mind. Lewis Carroll opened the doors, Aldous Huxley forced them open and now St John Morris pushes deeper into the comedy of madness.

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