[Download] The Biblical God Doesn't Exist: Argument & Evidence By John Espinoza

The Biblical God Doesn't Exist: Argument & Evidence

By: John Espinoza
Length: 158 pages
Release date: Sep 19, 2013
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While I can make various arguments for the harm that religion does in the world, and the dangers represented by a faith mentality, the primary issue that I remain passionate about is that religion is false. The underlying premise is untrue, which means that everything that is built upon that premise is also untrue. The staggering amount of time, money, emotional energy and bloodshed expended in the name of something completely fictitious is a crime against humanity. So while there are debates about religion’s place in society, whether the charitable works they do add value, whether they should have tax exemptions and access to power in government, whether the comfort some people seem to derive from their faith is worthwhile and should be left unchallenged, I will focus on one thing: To show that the God of Abraham, from which the three great monotheisms were spawned, does not exist.

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