[Download] The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee By Sarah Silverman

The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee

By: Sarah Silverman
Narrated by: Sarah Silverman
Length: 5 hours
Release date: Apr 20, 2010
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (381 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5)

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From the outrageously filthy and oddly innocent comedienne and star of the powerful 2015 film I Smile Back Sarah Silverman comes a memoir-her first book-that is at once shockingly personal, surprisingly poignant, and still pee-in-your-pants funny. If you like Sarah's television show The Sarah Silverman Program, or memoirs such as Chelsea Handler's Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea and Artie Lange's Too Fat to Fish, you'll love The Bedwetter.

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70 Responses to “[Download] The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee By Sarah Silverman”

  1. Joye Caroll

    Good Funny and entertaining
    loved it, left me wanting more .funny in her own quirky way. do not sleep with it on the background , leads to some weird dreams.

  2. Aldo Rotunda

    Hilarious, but not superficial
    If you could sum up The Bedwetter in three words, what would they be?

  3. Gayle R.

    Better when I read it Myself
    I previously read this book myself and really liked it, but Sarah’s reading actually made the book less funny. Very disappointing.

  4. Lorrie Mander

    loved it.. gives wetting the bed a much more comical outlook among lots of other things

  5. Ahmad Gilster

    Great book!
    I wish more people weren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind like SS! 2 thumbs up

  6. Joseph H.

    worth the download for any Silverman fan
    With high standards having listened to Bossypants and Yes, Please prior, it was still an entertaining listen. Silverman states outright that her life and hence memoir aren’t the makings of some telenovela (I’m paraphrasing), but provides sincere humility to draw in the listener. I found Sarah surprisingly endearing and have a higher respect for her as a comedienne. Those unfamiliar with her style of humor may not find it as enjoyable but again, if you’re a fan, this one is for you.

  7. Raymon Bratton

    I loved Sarah Silverman before & now even more.
    She was always an inspiration to me in comedy but now she’s also an inspiration to me in life.
    We’ve suffered so many similar tragedies somehow resulting in silly fullgrown women-children.

  8. Camelia Mauzey

    To Each Her/His Own
    Must be a great book for that genre of humor. It just wasn’t for me.

  9. Loriann Schoolcraft

    love her…❤ she is amazing and fun… favorite..
    favorite comedian … she is just herself and refreshing and smart… love her way of making me laugh…

  10. Melodi Benwell

    It’s a book written for a contract likely
    Would you try another book from Sarah Silverman and/or Sarah Silverman?

  11. Carol Lickness

    Enjoyed about 1/4 of this book
    Sarah narrates well, but I was hoping for something more than this cluster of random thoughts. I liked the beginning as it had continuity and flow. The rest is choppy and at times boring.

  12. Danny Woodward

    Okay story but got super repetitive after a while and was just the same Hollywood stories over and over again not very funny actually

  13. Porsche Reppucci

    Unexpectedly Frank.
    I’ve loved and disliked Sarah Silverman both at the same time. I have always thought her a little more blunt about sex and bodily functions than I felt comfortable with. That being said, I adore people who speak truths and can look at their own imperfections with clarity. She reads the way she speaks and found myself busting out in laughter and a couple times almost-cry. She didn’t leave me hanging in the latter emotion long though before she had me laughing again.
    At the end of this book I put down my phone and thought, “I could actually hang out with this immature 40 something.”

  14. Jennifer Chu

    Amazing start, slows down by the end
    The first half of the book was super interesting and showed a side that was funny, introspective, and kind in the midst of some pretty crazy life events. She balanced very tough stories with a moment of humor put in at just the right time. The second half (post mid-point break) was entertaining but didn’t have me locked in like the first half. Still overall an enjoyable book that shows the thinking of (as she might say) a very three dimensional person.

  15. Nereida Suganuma

    Hilarious! My favorite audio book so far.
    loved it so much that I sometimes go back and re-read (ok, I mean re-listen) to parts of it. the funniest audio book I’ve read by far.

  16. Coleman Rudnicky

    Oddly disappointing
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  17. John

    tip top tomfoolery
    Humanizing one of the most delightfully crude women to ever grace my television screen; her book was fun, sweet, and inspiring as well.

  18. Owen Bagent

    Fun Read
    Entertaining and easy to follow. Sarah is entertaining and relatable. She easily avoids getting caught up in vapid ramblings, whic, for me, seems to be a common pitfall in comedian autobio’s. Great book to just relax and unwind with.

  19. Roxane Henri

    More depressing than funny
    I chose this book thinking it would be an entertaining comedy, but got a depressing memoir instead. I didn’t even finish it because it was dragging on and felt tedious and disjointed.

  20. Priscilla Venier

    Good story, but started to drag.
    Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

  21. Veta Rosborough

    This was a pretty solid waste of time and low brow, but that’s been her thing

  22. Hobert G.

    Very funny
    The ending is no joke.. Godly!
    Very funny
    Your anus will laugh with you!
    “Pah pah pah!” Laughs your ass off!

  23. Garth Lapolla

    Enjoyable, refreshing frankness
    What did you love best about The Bedwetter?

  24. Fallon S.

    love it!
    most comedian books are just the re-telling of jokes. Sarah definitely surprised me with her lively, fun, and touching story. I did wonder, though… only a few months separate us age-wise (I’m 10 months older). I had a surgical procedure at 6 years old to correct my too-small bladder in Ohio. after that, I never had another bed wetting issue. why was that not an option to her? well… without that forming of character, Sarah may not be who she turned out to be, and my life would definitely be less fun not knowing of her. thank you for your story, for recording it yourself, and for validating my decision to write my own *forward* in my story I may one day tell.

  25. Stevie Chevrier

    Very fun book!
    I enjoyed listening to Sarah Silverman’s book. One of the best autobiographies from a comic or actor that I’ve listened to so far!

  26. Gary

    Sarah Silverman is an equal opportunity offender.
    It was great,hilarious,touching,offensive to left and right leaning folks and above all,honest. All earmarks of great comedy. She has a great reading voice and good cadence. Being part Jewish this humor hits home for me. Still would recommend for everyone. Sarah Silverman is a rare gem in a world that is increasingly silencing voices that say what some don’t want to hear.

  27. Agatha Davich

    Loved it
    Sarah Silverman does exactly the perfect sort of job you’d expect someone of her talent to do in reading her own story. A wide -ranging and honest set of tales and observations from a funny lady.

  28. Ronald Thilking

    Everything you’d expect from Sarah Silverman
    I almost didn’t buy this book because of the negative reviews, then I read one review that said “you should never miss an opportunity to hear a comedic author deliver their book in their own voice” which I agree with fully….. So i downloaded it.

    I’m glad I did…. I love Sarah, even though she’s crude and raunchy, it’s all for comedic shock value and that’s WHY you love her right!!?

    The story is good, it shares some insight on her show, how she writes comedy and such but also gives a background on her vulnerabilities and insecurities which is a side of her you don’t often see. So that was pretty cool too.

    All in all pretty well written and very well delivered in my opinion.

  29. Mary Magrone

    Sarah Silverman gives us a very honest, candid look into some of the darkest times in her life, delivering it all with a healthy amount of humor and plenty of the filthiness she has made so famous. If you dig Sarah Silverman, you will dig this book.

    I regret that I took so long to read/listen to it.

  30. Morton Coda

    Somewhat interesting. Somewhat disappointing
    Sarah Silverman who has made her career from producing a seemingly endless stream of irreverent humor unfortunately​ did not follow through with her memoir. The book consists of a modecum if humor. Mixed with the mundane and rounded off with an unearned helping of self-righteousness. Possibly worth a listen for die-hard fanatics, but I’d place the book squarely in the ‘unfunny autobiographies written by funny people’ category.

  31. Jesse B.

    Some interesting info
    I don’t know what I was hoping for, but I liked the book, just didn’t love it. I definitely don’t recommend listening to chapter 26 while lifting weights. Her dad’s voice-mail messages had me laughing out loud and almost dropped the barbell on myself.

  32. Celena Beuter

    Would you try another book from Sarah Silverman and/or Sarah Silverman?

  33. Elke Weinzimer

    Great, immersive memoir but some lack awareness
    Sarah’s read was fantastic and I ended up liking her more as a result of the story. However, I disagree with her take on using slurs in humor and don’t think she had much introspection or empathy in her discussion. A few slurs in the reading so heads up for that. Overall, would recommend.

  34. L. Carlson

    Refound love for Sarah
    This is classic Silverman at her best. noone but her could pull it off. while the story of her life so far isn’t the main draw, its her insightfulness and humor she brings to the table (along with her snarky narrative skills) that really shine. She manages to throw in a few gems of behind the scenes action that bring insight and laughter. Thank you Sarah!

  35. Aleshia Galicinao

    Pretty funny (No spoilers)
    Loved her stories and behind the scenes commentary.

    Disliked how she read the book. You could tell she was reading off the pages vs speaking to us as if she’s telling us the stories genuinely.

    Also disliked the random music that would play at the end of some of the chapters. It made it feel like it was the book’s service ending music each time.


  36. Jong Giddings

    Would you listen to The Bedwetter again? Why?

  37. Florine S.

    ok but some of it is out there
    Sarah has a great sense of humor and I laughed out loud at many part of this audio book, but there are some parts that are just really disgusting and gross… but then again, I think that’s what she was going for..
    She narrates it herself, and does a good job.. Anyone else doing this material would not be able to make it sound as funny as she does..
    Would I listen to it again? No…. Was it worth the listen? I guess so, Did I grow from listening this book…no, I think I may have shurnk… Did I learn anything from this book? Yes..a lot of people in show business are really weird…

  38. Season Gapen

    Absolutely loved it
    Loved it! Couldn’t stop listening!! Very much enjoyed Sarah’s reading and enjoyed the story through and through

  39. Moshe Threlfall

    Hilarious, intriguing, a good way to spend your time, get it today. Love Sarah, can’t wait to see her in a dramatic film

  40. Billi Conly

    Sarah Silverman is hilarious
    I have to confess that I’m not the biggest fan of /actual/ scatalogical humor, but Sarah writing a book about being a poop and sex jokes loving is all kinds of fun. Being a dorky kid who bloomed late and subsequently banged the rounds both cracked me up, and hit home. We’re not alone! Here’s to big naturals.

  41. Garrett Hoftiezer

    Great book!
    She’s a great comic & I’ve enjoyed all of her work so far. figured her book wouldn’t be far off.

  42. Amos Mossa

    Okay, but not her best work
    Sarah Silverman is sometimes brilliant, and often just so-so. This is one of the so-so times.

    I think she’s over-done the crudeness. Not because I’m a prude, but just because I’m numb to it from her over-use. Reminds me a bit of Howard Stern in that sense. It’s not shocking anymore. Now it’s just unfunny and drab.

    I wasn’t terribly moved by this book, and having just listened to David Mitchell’s autobiography the bar was really, really high for humor.

    I give it a solid “eh”.

  43. steve

    Better than I Expected
    Not a big Silverman fan as I think she is more annoying than funny but I love listening to comedy audiobooks and I love biographies and I thought this had a nice mix of both. A good listen and Silverman does a nice job as the narrator too.

  44. Lakiesha Kuhre

    Don’t bother turning a page, it doesn’t get better
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  45. Holly

    Enjoyed this book. Sarah Silverman shows what unconditional love in family is and should be. Very funny. Listened to this book twice

  46. Benito Gubala

    Slightly Foxy
    Would you try another book from Sarah Silverman and/or Sarah Silverman?

  47. Shaunna Laraia

    Sarah Silverman starts out (post-foreword) with some funny tidbits and interesting stories from her life. However, as the book drones on and on, she seems to resort to filling space by giving what seem to be minute by minute updates of her shows writers. If you’d like to actually enjoy this audiobook, find the abridged version.

  48. Remedios Guzman

    Don’t judge a book by it’s forward
    When I listened to service’s sample of this book, I thought that it be would be a good comedy book, however the first 7 chapters was focused only on bedwetting. Perhaps, I should have expected this from the title, but I tend to not judge a book only on it’s title. This book may be great for people not wanting a laugh, but a relatable story (if they were a bedwetter as a child) or wanting the Sarah Silverman biography. However, Sarah Silverman makes for a good narrator.

  49. Jamie Dalla

    A True Original
    I do not think there is anyone like Sarah Silverman. Love her or hate her, she is who she is and doesn’t make excuses for it. Yeah, she’s crude and may make you uncomfortable, but she’s smart and funny as hell. I laughed out loud and didn’t care that the people around me thought I was a nut job. If you get offended easily or can’t take the potty talk, then you shouldn’t listen to this book. If you are liberal and appreciate a good laugh, you’ll enjoy this honest look at Sarah and her life as a comedian.

  50. Tyson Yu

    great listen
    great listen hope for book 2 in 25 years or so. easy on the ears

  51. Nakisha Hartsoe

    Great read!
    I’ve always been a fan of Sarah. Great, easy read. A great escape! Highly recommended!

  52. Donny Rusche

    I don’t think I liked it….Sorry Sarah
    This book honestly seemed mostly like an apology letter to all the people Sarah has offended over the years rather than a memoir. I was hoping for some laugh out loud moments, but instead I sort of feel sorry for her. Maybe that was the goal? I think it was well written, it’s just not what I was expecting. I DID like that Sarah herself read the book and that she did her own Forward and ‘Midward’. That was pretty funny.

  53. Joshua T.

    Generally a downer
    Would you try another book from Sarah Silverman and/or Sarah Silverman?

  54. Ernestina Wafula

    a must ‘hear’
    she is perfectly funny, great for a roadtrip anywhere and i recommend you try it

  55. Maurita Villagran

    I love Silverman’s voice!
    Story was okay but Sarah’s sarcastic time is what made this book. highly recommend if you don’t offend easily. Lots of poop and penis jokes.

  56. Keith

    Great childhood stories
    Nice having Sarah do the narration and I especially liked the parts about when she was growing up. Very enjoyable.

  57. Marchelle Schnell

    Mostly Funny, Often Thoughtful
    Any additional comments?

  58. Colton Klingenberg

    fun listen
    Sarah is super funny. Kept me entertained on long car rides. happy I bought it.

  59. Aileen Feyen

    First half okay
    I have always found Sara Silverman to be a bit harsh for my comedy sensibilities. Nonetheless I thought I would give this book a chance. I was curoius about how she got to be her. Of course hoped to hear a bit about Jimmy Kimmel too (which you don’t, by the way.) But I figured she must have some redeeming qualities if he dated her so long. So..the first half, her growing up, is relatively interesting, somewhat funny, and also sort of sad really. The latter part of the book is more about her adulthood, comedy, men, sex — about what you would expect from her stand up. I found that just kind of aggrevating and annoying, like it was trying too hard. Much like her comedy — masterbatory and boring. And throughout sometimes you cannot tell if a story is real or something she made up just to be funny and get a rise out of the listener. But I finished it. Now I need to do the walk if shame and go take a long hot shower.

  60. Cleveland Crafford

    Sarah is great, this book is ok
    I love Sarah, and while I have to admit enjoying a peek into her childhood antics and life as a write etc., the stories were not particularly entertaining and some felt like filler.

  61. Georgann R.

    Sarah’s great, fun and easy listening. She’s got something interesting to say. Do I have anything to say? Yes. Sure.

  62. Melba Tooze

    Heartfelt & Hysterical
    I couldn’t imagine reading this after hearing Sarah Silverman basically perform the book. I was laughing so hard in public, walking my dogs with headphones while listening to this, I probably looked crazy picking up their poop. It is superb.

  63. Arlie Hadler

    she crossed the line from funny to horrible
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  64. Marguerite Canavan

    She’s Great
    if you’re a fan of Sarah then you should definitely give this a try very funny stuff

  65. Lucienne Flieller

    Raw and interesting
    Any additional comments?

  66. Milan Sordahl

    I absolutely loved this book! Almost as much as I love and adore Her! Was bummed when it ended. now what do I read????

  67. Francisco G.

    Nearly Peed Laughing at Times
    There are parts that are so outrageously funny that it made me want to read and see everything that Sarah Silverman has ever done. However, I also found about 40% of the book kind of boring and blah. This is absolutely not for the faint of heart – she is pretty raunchy, which I take no issue with, but thought I should give fair warning.

  68. Samual Dearmitt

    Love Sarah
    Very much enjoyed her unique and dry sense of humor! Her voice always makes me smile!

  69. Serena C.

    Best comedy audiobook
    I have read Nick Offerman, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, the list goes on. They are all amazing, Sarah Silverman’s is by far the best. At every corner it is hilarious in the deepest parts of your stomach, the autobiographical parts are more serving to the comedy than they are redemptive, but if you just want a pure comedy book, that’s a good thing! Please if you enjoy this genre put this at the top of your to do list.

  70. Vernie Klunk

    I feel like she said “jew” a million times. The stuff about her in the 90s was good. That’s all.

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