[Download] The Art of Professional Connections: Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions By Gloria Petersen

The Art of Professional Connections: Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions

By: Gloria Petersen
Length: 221 pages
Release date: Sep 13, 2013
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Every Successful Business Relationship Starts with One Confident Interaction:
Let Gloria Petersen Be Your Guide for Building a Successful Professional Presence
You know you have what it takes, but when you enter a room do you exude confidence? Do people recognize immediately that you’ve got “IT”? Have you developed your professional presence so that people automatically recognize your confidence? Or do you struggle greeting new people and establishing new relationships? If you know you are competent, but you don’t have the greatest conversation skills and you don’t really make a lasting impression when you’re networking, you could use some brushing up on your “social-ability” skills.
Now’s your chance! Gloria Petersen’s Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions offers proven strategies to make your next interaction the first step toward one of many successful business relationships. You career depends on confident first impressions, clear communication, a secure grasp of business etiquette and protocol, personal charisma, and social intelligence. So whether you’re simply interested in presenting yourself better in work and social settings or your career depends on it, Gloria will help you create a powerful personal presence.
Gloria’s objectives are to help you develop your communication skills, master confident interactions, and give you the conversational skill sets to guide you through everything from simple interviews to high-profile meetings. The skills you will learn include how to:
Determine how you want to be perceived, make a professional impact with your appearance, control your body language, and read body language cues;
Identify the three primary ways to make an introduction, honor rank and titles, and get beyond awkward “what to do when” moments;
Learn techniques for remembering names, handle challenging names and pronunciations, and decipher unique name arrangements and accents;
Be comfortable with the protocol of the business handshake, identify the various types of handshakes and their meanings, and know the components of a business handshake;
Develop gratifying conversations by creating a conversation DNA, understand the place and purpose of small talk, eliminate distractions, and overcome sensitive situations;
Make your business card work for you by developing the components of your card and knowing exactly when, where and how to exchange cards;
Make your departure as memorable as your greeting, create a follow-up process, and keep a business interaction going by overcoming obstacles.
Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions is the first volume of Gloria’s four-volume guidebook series, The Art of Professional Connections. This volume is the foundation for the next three titles, which present insights and strategies for mixing, mingling, and networking; dining decorum from casual to formal venues; and planning or attending professional and social events.
Remember, the strategies Gloria presents have been developed with the assistance of an advisory board, business leaders from a diverse range of occupations and industries, and fact checkers have ensured that the material is current, accurate, and complete. Cash in on the expertise of a professional mentor who will guide you step by step in developing and refining your professional persona.

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