[Download] The Apology By Essa Alroc

The Apology

By: Essa Alroc
Length: 127 pages
Release date: Sep 8, 2013
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It was just supposed to be an opportunity to make amends. Jesse simply wanted to find the awkward, overweight girl he’d betrayed in high school, apologize and move on with his life. It should have been a 15 minute stop in Miami. Instead, it turns into a weekend of running from thugs, stealing exotic animals, dealing with a seriously unbalanced criminal mastermind, and stumbling on a diamond smuggling operation.
Gabrielle is no longer the overweight, awkward girl she was in high school. She’s left high school behind entirely and is living the high life as a trophy wife to an incredibly powerful man. That is, until she learns about her husband’s criminal connections and realizes he might have every reason to silence her for good. So when fate intervenes, and some random guy shows up on her doorstep, begging for forgiveness, she is quick to play along and hitch a ride out of town. Does it really matter that she has no idea who he is?

Unfortunately, fate has other ideas in mind. Soon, Gabby and Jesse are running for their lives, hiding from Gabby’s obsessed husband and partnering up with a completely unbalanced criminal who has her own agenda. But neither Jesse nor Gabrielle is prepared for the biggest complication of all. Love.

***The Apology is a romantic suspense comedy novella of approx. 28,000 words***

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