[Download] The Amston Witch By Larry Zimmerman

The Amston Witch

By: Larry Zimmerman
Length: 234 pages
Release date: Dec 16, 2013
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Margot St. Ronan asked Dirk Adler to accompany her to obtain a psychic reading from a local medium, Madam Dianne Teratoid. Although Dirk conceded to accompany her, he felt that psychic readings were foolish and a waste of money. Dirk changed his opinion when Madam Teratoid revealed a fact about Margot that she had hidden in her past. When a possible enemy of Dirk’s shoots at him and almost kills him, Dirk finds out that he now has premonitions and can make accurate predictions. He finds that this new ability is a curse and not a blessing. Going to Madam Teratoid for help, Dirk receives some valuable training that changes the curse into an advantage. Dirk’s new found power helps him to save a life and solve an insurance case. When he and Joe Wolf use it for making money, the ability leads them to unforeseen problems.

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